Midwest Region

To most effectively leverage our resources, and effectively capture the nuances of our diverse, beautiful country,
we have broken down the challenge in front us into simple geographic regions.

Robert Hofmann ’16

Movement Building Fellow

Rob joined SSDP staff in June 2019 as the Movement Building Fellow for the Northeast, Midwest, and Pacific Regions. Rob started in the SUNY New Paltz chapter, later joining the Board of Directors and supporting public health reforms in both New York and Rhode Island. Rob started in the SUNY New Paltz chapter, leading lobbying efforts in Albany for recreational and medicinal marijuana efforts, educating students through harm reduction based educational programs, and joining in a seven-year long effort to replace the campus’ two-strike marijuana expulsion policy. Rob later joined the Board of Directors in June 2017, chairing the Inter-Chapter Collaboration Committee (formerly the Issues and Resources Committee) and participating in the Rural Policy Working Group, which created a document of advocacy recommendations for students and allies in rural areas. Rob later moved to Rhode Island, in which he joined in advocacy efforts with Protect Families First, the RI ACLU, Preventing Overdose Naloxone Intervention (PONI), and other organizations to oppose a drug-induced homicide law. Rob then joined the newly founded Substance Use Policy, Education, and Recovery PAC (SUPERPAC), which is currently leading the Rhode Island effort for drug reclassification. Rob attended SUNY New Paltz from August 2014 to December 2017. Rob started employment as a field organizer with Gina Raimondo for Governor and the Rhode Island Democratic Party. Rob then temporarily worked as a legal associate for a disabled veteran’s litigation firm. Rob grew up on a dairy farm, but has now been vegan for over one year (Thanksgiving is complicated).
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