Pacific Region

To most effectively leverage our resources, and effectively capture the nuances of our diverse, beautiful country,
we have broken down the challenge in front us into simple geographic regions.

Elise Szabo

Elise Szabo ’14

Pacific Outreach Coordinator

Elise joined the SSDP staff in June 2017 as the Outreach Coordinator for the Pacific region. She works out of our Oakland, building and guiding the chapters in her region and connecting them to SSDP’s network. She first got involved in SSDP during her freshman year as a Philosophy student at Kent State University. After her time as a chapter leader, Elise served a short term on SSDP’s Board of Directors before being hired to staff. Outside of human rights and social justice, Elise is also passionate about animal rights and environmental conservation, and she participated in student groups with those focuses during her time at Kent as well.

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