12 Years and Counting

Were you a member of an SSDP chapter, but have since graduated? If so, you belong in SSDP’s Alumni Network!

SSDP AlumniThe Students for Sensible Drug Policy Alumni Network is a new project to unite the forces and resources of the thousands of young people who have been involved with SSDP. After the first chapter was founded at the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1998, SSDP quickly grew to hundreds of chapters across the country, becoming one of the largest grassroots student organizations in the U.S. Today SSDP is the go-to non-profit for young people opposed to the war on drugs, and it continues to draw national media attention. Each chapter has deeply affected the lives of both the student activists involved and their college and high school communities.

SSDP alumni are now lawyers, teachers, doctors, business people, and professional social justice activists. There are thousands of us. With SSDP’s tenth anniversary approaching in 2008, it’s time for alumni to unite and continue to support the organization, which is bigger and more active nationally than ever before.

As public opinion turns against the outrageous war on drugs, Students for Sensible Drug Policy has a historic role to play. The SSDP Alumni Network will build cross-generational cohesion, institutional memory, and fundraising capacity, as well as the quality of SSDP’s advocacy far into the future.

I am an SSDP alum. How can I help support SSDP?

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