Southwest Region

To most effectively leverage our resources, and effectively capture the nuances of our diverse, beautiful country,
we have broken down the challenge in front us into simple geographic regions.

Luis Montoya ’16

Interim Co-Executive Director

Luis Montoya joined SSDP in 2016, after being caught with personal amounts of cannabis earlier that year. He attended SSDP2016 and was blown away by how many of his peers were making a real impact in their communities. He was president of the Florida International chapter for a year, campaigning for medical marijuana in Florida and petitioning the police department to initiate a Naloxone Carry requirement for its officers. In 2017, he applied and was chosen for the Outreach Coordinator position. After working with chapters for the last three years, he oversees the Outreach Department of SSDP as the Programs Director and is currently acting as Interim Executive Director.

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