What is AMPLIFY?

AMPLIFY is a project of Students for Sensible Drug Policy that connects student activists with artists who support SSDP’s mission to reform drug policies. With more than 150 SSDP chapters at colleges throughout the country, our chapters are able to act as street teams for artists that are part of the AMPLIFY project.

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How does AMPLIFY Work?

AMPLIFY creates a mutually beneficial relationship between SSDP and artists where both parties help to promote each other.

For example, chapters can put up fliers, create facebook event pages, and pass out handbills and promote the show via word-of-mouth. AMPLIFY artists can also be promoted on SSDP’s website and through our 50,000+ person email list!

In exchange, all we ask is that artists help to spread the word by allowing us to table at shows, and giving us an occasional shout-out. Check out our Facebook Page to see what we’re up to today!

How can I get involved?

Volunteer for a Show

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