What is AMPLIFY?

AMPLIFY is a project of Students for Sensible Drug Policy which works to build partnerships between artists, festivals and events which support our mission to end the failed “War on Drugs”. We work to promote an end to unjust policies that specifically affect the youth and live music communities through on-site education and outreach plus off-site advocacy of policy reform.

How does AMPLIFY Work?

AMPLIFY creates a mutually beneficial relationship between SSDP, artists and festivals where all parties help to promote each other.

We coordinate our network of over 175+ SSDP and DanceSafe chapters to act as street teams for our partnered artists and festivals in exchanged for table space at their events. In addition partners can also be promoted on SSDP’s website, Facebook page and through our 50,000+ person email list.

In exchange, our volunteers our granted access to set up informational booths at partnered artist shows and festivals to;

    • Educate the live music community on how they can get involved with local & national drug policy reform efforts
    • Distribute harm reduction supplies such as factual drug information, earplugs, condoms, lube, free water, straws and more to equip attendees with the tools to make responsible decisions about drug use and their health
    • Spread know your rights information so attendees are knowledgeable & comfortable asserting their rights during a police encounter travelling to & from live music events

How can I get involved?

Volunteer at a Show

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