Fall 2016 Regional & State Conferences

Schedules, speakers, and registration to be announced soon! 

Northeast Region (October 1) Northeastern University – Boston, MA RSVP on Facebook
Mountain Region (October 7-9) Auraria Campus – Denver, CO RSVP on Facebook
Pacific (October 14-6) UC Santa Cruz – Santa Cruz, CA RSVP on Facebook
Midwest (October 21-23) DePaul University – Chicago, IL RSVP on Facebook
Mid-Atlantic (October 22-23) University of Maryland College Park – College Park, MD RSVP on Facebook
Latin America (November 3-5) EPSD Mexico – Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico RSVP on Facebook
Texas (November 11-13) University of Texas Austin – Austin, TX RSVP on Facebook

March 24-26, 2017 | SSDP2017: The International SSDP Conference