Iulia Vatau ’19

Iulia is the Chair of SSDP UK’s International Drug Policy Subcommittee and founder of University College London SSDP. She established a university-endorsed, student-led, harm reduction volunteering project based on the Just Say Know curriculum. She is also coordinating sending SSDP UK members to the CND and providing advocacy training outside the network. Iulia is a active campaigner for Support. Don’t Punish and International Overdose Awareness Day. Alongside this, Iulia is a Content Director for the SSDP International Organising Committee; a Global Representative in SSDP’s Strategic Planning Committee and an active member of Outreach and Membership Working Group.

Iulia is currently pursuing a BA in the History and Politics of the Americas. A Romanian Immigrant, Iulia is passionate about mobilising youth in Eastern Europe to better engage in civil society, as well as providing support for wider accessibility to lobbying opportunities. Outside SSDP and drug policy, Iulia has trained with Amicus ALJ to better understand the death penalty and its practice within the US criminal justice system, as well as volunteered with Give Opportunity Global to support the development of female-led business initiatives in Uganda.