Rachel Wissner first got involved with SSDP in 2011, when she joined the SUNY New Paltz chapter as a freshman. In her five years at New Paltz, she has worked substantively on harm reduction efforts and drug education as well as multiple campaigns for campus policy change. She led the campaign to equalize the campus alcohol and marijuana policy, coordinated and supervised weekly drug education and harm reduction training events, and worked on the successful SUNY-wide “Ban the Box” campaign to end discrimination against college applicants with prior felony convictions, resulting in a SUNY Board of Trustees vote to remove all questions regarding criminal convictions from the SUNY college application. Rachel has been on the SSDP Diversity Awareness Reflection and Education (DARE) committee since August 2015 working to elevate the voices of those most marginalized by the Drug War.

As the Outreach Associate for Family Law & Cannabis Alliance (FLCA), Rachel is a staunch advocate for families impacted by the drug war. In addition to providing resources for parents facing Child Protective Services (CPS) actions for marijuana use, she works to raise awareness on the unique issues parents and families face under prohibition and advocate these issues be taken into consideration by policymakers when crafting marijuana legislation and ballot initiatives. Rachel joined the FLCA team first as an intern through the SSDP Career Services program in 2015 and stayed on as Outreach Associate after her graduation from New Paltz in May of 2016. Rachel holds a B.A. in English literature and plans to pursue a Masters in Social Work in the near future.

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