Maya Tatum '13 | Arizona State University, Tempe Campus

Maya Tatum '13 was born and raised in Chicago where she experienced the negative impacts of the Drug War firsthand. This aided in her passion for activism and has continued most of her life. She is a recent alumna of Arizona State University where she joined SSDP in 2013 completely shifting her viewpoint on drugs and how society views (and punishes) people who use drugs. In her major of Justice Studies and African & African-American Studies, she has dedicated her academic career to drawing parallels between the histories of colonialism and present-day systematic and institutional oppression, emphasizing how the ‘Political-Economic’ dynamic forms oppressive policies like. She served as President of her chapter at ASU, where she advocated for campus policies that redefine the way we approach drug use and people who use drugs

Mallory Culbert '17 | University of Texas at Austin

Mallory (they/them) runs a harm-reductionist sex education blog called Sh!t Our Parents Never Told Us for queer folx raised by the internet to guide other queer folx on topics like gender, consent, mental health, community and relationship building, and sex work. Mallory is a data engineer working toward becoming an OB/GYN and hopes to incorporate harm reduction and sexual education into their medical practice

Marlo Holguin '19 | University of Texas at El Paso

Marlo Holguin'19 (he/him/el) is a second-generation Mexican American who was born and raised in the frontera, and is an active community organizer committed to ending the War on Nature and the War on Drugs. Marlo's passion for the desert, immigration, and the environment has propelled him into the dismantling of violent and imperialist drug policy, ending the stigma behind drug use, and dedicated to educating himself and community about the War on Drugs. Marlo is majoring in Neuroscience at UT El Paso where he is President for the university's SSDP chapter, and hopes to apply his research in environment, anthropology, and psychopharmacology.

Alex Akin '14 | Kent State University

Alex Akin ‘14 (she/her/hers, they/them/theirs) is a long term palliative care patient and activist. During her second year of college, she fell ill with a severe degenerative condition that lead to life-threatening organ failure. Seeing the suffering that patients face up close, she became committed to increasing access to medication. Her goal is to help lessen human suffering by becoming a palliative care practitioner and working to mitigate risks caused by pain medication and opioids.

Axel Bilbao '08 | University of Central Florida

Axel Bilbao '08 was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and lived there until he was 7 when he moved to the United States. He has lived experience as a person in recovery from addiction as well as bipolar disorder, and applied this in his direct service work. His start in drug policy was leading a NORML chapter at UCF and working on a medicinal cannabis amendment in Florida before getting involved with SSDP. Later, he went on to bring harm reduction efforts to Florida in 2013 by starting a harm reduction program bringing life saving Naloxone and sterile use supplies to people who use drugs. Most recently he worked on the campaign to legalize Syringe exchanges throughout Florida, the Infectious Disease Eliminations Act.

Scott Cecil '10 | Arizona State University

Scott Cecil '10 was born and raised in Omaha, NE, the youngest of 7 siblings. He attended North High School in Omaha and graduated in the class of 2000, just after his 18th birthday. While working as a bank teller, he attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha, under a private scholarship from an arts philanthropist, where he studied vocal music performance. He spent about 8 years working in the restaurant/hospitality industry and ultimately reentered college during the great recession out of a necessity to refresh his career and economic prospects. He attended Chandler-Gilbert Community College, in Chandler, AZ, where he studied Sustainability & Ecological Literacy. After graduating, he moved to Washington D.C in 2014 after being hired by a youth-led non-profit organization which focuses on ending the war on drugs. He currently works as a free-lance non-profit professional focusing primarily on workflow/project management, fundraising & development, and drug policy reform/harm reduction. He moved to Mount Rainier in January of 2018.

Eolann Davis '19 | Trinity College Dublin

Eolann Davis '19 (he/his) is a recent graduate of Trinity College Dublin, where he received a Bachelor's degree in Law. After spending a summer working in housing and harm reduction projects in Vancouver, he felt motivated to advocate for progressive drug policy when he returned to campus. Along with some close friends, Eolann established a chapter of SSDP in his university, which worked with the college administration to publish the university's first official college drug policy. He hopes to continue to affect change at a campus, national and global level through his involvement with SSDP.

Lunadelmar Suescún '16 | Metropolitan State University of Denver

Lunadelmar Suescun (she/ella) is a Colombian immigrant that grew up in Miami. Luna first learned about the movement to end the war on drugs when she joined FIU’s Student for Sensible Drug Policy chapter in 2016. Since then, she has developed a passion for harm reduction, anti-stigma work, and the impacts on pregnant and parenting people. She worked as a bilingual coordinator for a syringe access program where she supported syringe access sessions, overdose prevention education, and case management for people who inject drugs. She has also worked as a bilingual harm reduction content expert for NEXTHarm Reduction. She holds a BS in Psychology and Social Work minor from MSUDenver. Luna is currently in the Master of Social Work and Public Health dual program at Colorado State University.

Kat Ebert '18 | Michigan State University

Kat Ebert '18 is a senior at Michigan State University studying Neuroscience with a Pharmacology/Toxicology minor. Kat hopes to receive her PhD in Neuropsychopharmacology to research and administer effective treatment for various mental health disorders such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, and addiction. She is currently involved in a multitude of organizations including a board position for the new 24/7 Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program, a volunteer for DanceSafe, The Army of Survivors, empowHER, and was also selected as an Honors College Dean Ambassador at MSU. Kat is also the founder and chapter president of the Michigan State University chapter of SSDP, one of the largest SSDP chapters in the world. She currently researches ketamine-induced cystitis on campus and hopes to one day operate her own psychedelic research lab that focuses on the healing properties of psychedelic medicine.

Oriana Mayorga '13 | Columbia University

Oriana Mayorga ‘13 (she/her/hers) is a community organizer dedicated to dismantling structural oppression, promoting racial justice, and ending violence against women. She is a longtime advocate of legalizing psychedelic medicine. She received a B.S. in Psychology from Fordham University in 2014 and a graduate certificate in Harm Reduction Psychotherapy from the New School of Social Research in 2016. This fall, Oriana will be pursuing her Masters of Divinity at Columbia University's Union Theological Seminary. Oriana hopes to someday be an ordained Reverend and psychedelic therapist who is proficient at pole dancing.

Kat Murti '09 | University of California, Berkeley

Kat Murti '09 is a libertarian, feminist, and activist, working to make the world a better, freer place, one day at a time. She is the co-founder and executive director of Feminists for Liberty. Kat has been actively involved with SSDP in various roles since January 2009, including leading the CalSSDP chapter, serving as co-coordinator of the AMPLIFY Project, interning at SSDP’s San Francisco office, and chairing the Intersectionality Committee for over 8 years. She has been an appointed director on SSDP's board since 2013. Kat was named an Alumni All Star in December of 2010, a Spotlighted Alum in January of 2012, and the 2016 A. Kathryn Parker Outstanding Alumnus in Service to SSDP. Kat first became involved with drug policy in 2007 when she joined the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of NORML. She served as Bay Area Regional Director of the Proposition 19 campaign to legalize adult recreational cannabis, and has worked at the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation, and, briefly, in cannabis business law. Kat earned her B.A. in political science from the University of California at Berkeley, and is is a graduate of Oaksterdam University. She lives and works in Washington, D.C., and occasionally plays on the One Hitters softball team.

Evan Nison '09 | Ithaca College

Evan Nison '09 is the youngest ever Executive Director of NORML New Jersey, and has been a member on Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s Board of Directors for several years. He also runs a cannabis specific PR firm, NisonCo and is a co-founder of Whoopi & Maya.. In New York he is the Co-Founder of the NY Cannabis Alliance, which has helped craft numerous pieces of cannabis related legislation in New York. In 2010 he moved to California to run the college outreach effort for Prop 19 in California, which spanned over 40 schools. He was President of Ithaca Students for Sensible Drug Policy for 4 years, which was rated the #1 college drug law reform chapter in the country in 2011, and under his leadership passed one of the first college policies in the country that equalized penalties for cannabis and alcohol on campus. Evan was instrumental in the passage of the New York 911 Good Samaritan Law and served as Drug Policy Advisor to Mayor Svante Myrick of Ithaca, NY, one of the youngest mayors in the country, where he helped spearhead an effort to pass a US Conference of Mayors resolution supporting the legalization of marijuana. Evan has been mentioned in news sources such as the NY Times, Politico, USA Today, NBC New York, Bloomberg TV, Forbes, and has been profiled in the Ithaca Times, Home News Tribune, and the Sun Times. He also received the 2011 NORML Student Activism Award and High Times Freedom Fighter Award for his advocacy.

Ewelle Williams '18 | United Methodist University

Ewelle is passionate about working to liberate people who use drugs through strong drug Policies rooted with Human rights that will support users not to be stigmatize, incarcerated or discriminated in treatment centers & health care services. I promised through my tireless advocacies rooted in human rights to uphold the dignity of people who use drugs for a just & safe society that all will have a free will to life and not be judged.

Michael Williams '15 | Ferris State University

Michael Williams (aka Myc O. Phile) graduated in 2018 from Ferris State University with his B.S. in Applied Speech Communication with a public advocacy focus and a minor in philosophy. He hopes to return to school in fall 2022 to finish his last year of his Bachelors in Chemistry and pursue a Masters degree in Communication. Myc currently is the Co-Director of Decriminalize Nature Michigan, President of Michigan Dancesafe, Community Organizer/Volunteer & Intern Coordinator for Disability Advocates of Kent County and Secretary for Michigan Psychedelic Society. In 2015 he founded the Ferris State SSDP chapter and Ferris State Mycology Club. Previously he has served as an Organizer for NextGen America through two election cycles, Volunteer Organizer and Intern for the MILegalize campaign, 4th district representative for the Michigan Cannabis Caucus and Michigan Democratic Party State Central Committee, Director of operations for the High Five Program and sat on the Mecosta County Opioid Task Force as a voice for current drug users. In his spare time, Myc enjoys teaching others the joys of mycology, doing yoga, snowboarding, gardening, making music, and working at concerts and music festivals providing sustainability and/or harm reduction services.

Jason Ortiz '08 | University of Connecticut

Jason has been fighting to end the war on drugs since he first heard the words “School to prison pipeline” after being arrested for cannabis possession at age 16. He has dedicated himself to the cause of justice for communities impacted by over-policing and serves as the President of the Minority Cannabis Business Association, a 501c6 trade association of entrepreneurs and activists of color. At MCBA Jason was instrumental in creating model policies regarding equity in the cannabis industry. Jason earned his Bachelor's degree in Public and Community Engagement from the University of Connecticut, where he was an active member of UConn SSDP.