My Experience as a 4Front Intern

Eric Casey, University of Rhode Island

Written by Eric Casey, University of Rhode Island I had an amazing time being involved in the SSDP internship program. SSDP played an extremely important role in my college experience, and it was great that it could also play a … more

24 signs you’re an SSDPer

Some are hilarious, some are heartwarming, but all of them ring true.

Today is the last day of our spring SSDP Alumni Association membership drive! Each day this week we’ve featured blog posts from our alumni, be sure to check them out. Being a part of Students for Sensible Drug Policy is … more

Advice for new grads: Making the most of networking and first impressions

"So you're telling me cops want to legalize drugs?" Mikayla Hellwich, left, landed a job as Media Relations Associate at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)

by Mikayla Hellwich, Secretary, Mid-Atlantic Region, SSDP Alumni Association

As many students are graduating this spring, they’ll enter the professional world for the first time. There’s a lot of advice out there for new grads, but let’s start with something relatively easy – networking! 1. Learn how to remember … more

School’s Out: Staying Involved with SSDP After Graduation


by A. Kathryn Parker, President, Pacific Region, SSDP Alumni Association

You just graduated, or are graduating soon, and you find yourself wondering whether you still have a place in Students for Sensible Drug Policy now that you’re no longer a student. Due to the organization’s name, many wonder this. But … more

Rob and Casey: An SSDP Love Story


Written by Rob Pfountz, Heartland Region Vice President, SSDP Alumni Association As a proud member of the SSDP Alumni Association, I imagine that my fellow alumni can look back fondly on their early collegiate dating lives and some of those … more

The many benefits of staying connected to SSDP after graduation

Sam Tracy

Join the Alumni Association this week as part of our first membership drive!

As you’ve probably heard, this week is SSDP’s first-ever Alumni Association membership drive! I’m incredibly excited to be a part of this, not just as the President of the Northeast region of our Alumni Association but as someone who’s been … more

Spring Alumni Association Membership Drive


Stay connected with SSDP after graduation + your chance to win a free conference registration

As the spring semester draws to a close, many students will be graduating and moving on from school to the next chapter of their lives. Being a part of an SSDP chapter is a defining part of many students’ college … more

2015 Regional Conference Recap

SSDP 2015 Midwest Regional Conference

This semester, we hosted five regional conferences; in our Pacific, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast regions. In addition, our Irish SSDP chapter network held their 2nd annual regional conference in Dublin!   Pacific The 2015 SSDP Pacific Regional Conference was … more

Launching phase 1 of our Career Services Program

Kevin Akpan

Add an SSDP intern to your team this summer.

Since the day we announced I’d be the new executive director at SSDP, people have been asking me how they can tap into our amazing student network to find passionate, dedicated, proven new employees and interns. After a year of … more

Read Why One Student Fights for Sensible Drug Policy

My name is Martin Condon. I am 24 years old, studying Chemical Engineering at CIT, and raising two children. Recently I was jailed for personal possession of herbal cannabis and this has caused serious distress for me and my relatively … more