Why SSDP is endorsing AUMA

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Written by Guest Blogger Morgan Tougas, University of California Berkeley This November, voters in California will consider a number of ballot initiatives. One of these initiatives, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), seeks to regulate and legalize cannabis for adults over … more

Just Say Know: Shifting Perceptions on Drug Use

Just Say Know

Written by Guest Blogger Karen Walker, Peer Education Intern As history and research can show us, prohibitive drug laws have always operated as a method of social control. Every approach by the government and its corresponding entities have been motivated … more

What have we learned since the death of Len Bias?


        Thirty years ago, on June 19, 1986, a University of Maryland senior, Len Bias, died from a cocaine seizure  — just a few hours after he signed with NBA champions, the Boston Celtics. The sudden death … more

En México, la Educación no es Gratuita… se paga con la Vida y la Libertad

Burning roadblocks protects union organizers and teachers from a militarized police force

Written by: Guest Blogger,  Luis Lopez Resendiz From: El Fronterismo  La educación es una arma fundamental e importante en los pueblos pobres del mundo para poder cambiar y derrocar los sistemas de opresión de un gobierno hacia un pueblo en … more

Just Say Know: The History and Role of Drug Education

Just Say Know

As SSDPers embark on their mission as Peer Educators, studying previous drug education practices can benefit the success of this unprecedented program. Since its fruition during the Temperance movement, drug education has been driven by political and moral agendas. Drug … more

Mexico Represses Teachers, not Drug Traffickers

CNTE Union creating burning blockade against incoming State forces

Written by Guest Blogger, Lopez Christopher  From: Hasta La Victoria Blog In the midst of a deadly war on drugs, the latest victims of the Mexican government’s ruthlessness are not the perpetrators of violent institutional or social crime, but rather a … more

June Monthly Mosaic: Families and the War on Drugs

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In mainstream conversations about families and drugs, parents are tasked with protecting their children from the evils of drug abuse. However, this narrative drastically oversimplifies the many ways in which families experience drugs and drug use, glossing over the serious … more

The Relationship Between Drug Policy and Peer Education

Karen Walker, Peer Education Intern

Written by Karen Walker, Peer Education Intern In order to fully grasp the current condition of the drug war, reformers must look back to learn why and how prohibition policies were initially enacted. Understanding the history of prohibition and how … more

Hello, World!: Daniel Miles Joins SSDP as Summer Policy Intern


Daniel Miles is joining the SSDP staff as the Summer 2016 Policy Intern

Hello, world! Daniel Miles is joining the SSDP staff as the Summer 2016 Policy Intern at the SSDP National HQ in Washington DC. A North Carolina native, Daniel joined the SSDP chapter at the College of Charleston in 2014 on his … more

SSDP Welcomes California Campus Coordinator!

Oliver Zerrudo, California Campus Coordinator

Meet Oliver Zerrudo, SSDP’s new California Campus Coordinator! As California Campus Coordinator, Oliver aims to expand the presence of people of color and people of color politics in contemporary Drug Policy conversations. Following his role as chapter leader at UC … more