The NCAA’s contradictory stance on marijuana use among collegiate athletes


Last year, the NCAA made a rule that decreased the amount of THC in the bloodstream it takes to fail a drug test; 15 nanograms per milliliter of THC will trigger a failure and will result in a half season suspension for … more

Victory: Maryland Decriminalizes Marijuana!


Victory in Maryland!

Maryland’s state legislature voted over the weekend to decriminalize possession of 10 grams or less of marijuana. When Governor O’Malley signs the bill, which he said he intends to do, Maryland will join the District of Columbia and 24 other … more

SSDP is hiring!


Now seeking applicants for 3 full-time paid positions and 2 internships

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is now accepting applications to fill three paid and two unpaid positions in our Washington, DC headquarters. Applications will be accepted beginning April 4, reviewed immediately, and accepted until the position is filled. Anticipated start date … more

Legalize It! at Bier Baron

legalize it

On Thursday, April 17, LYGO DC will present “Legalize It!,” a live comedy show to kick off the week of 4/20, at the Bier Baron Showroom at 1523 22nd St. LYGO DC has partnered with SSDP, as well as Capella … more

2014 Northeast Regional Conference was a Success!

SSDP Northeast Regional Conference panel on marijuana legalization in the northeast hosted by Peter Christ (retired police captain and founder of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), Evan Nison (Norml New Jersey), Morgan Fox (Marijuana Policy Project), and Zachary Hoover (Chief of Staff for PA State Sen. Daylin Leach). Photo Credit: Temple SSDP!

On Saturday, March 29th, dozens of SSDP students, supporters, and alumni gathered at West Chester University in Pennsylvania for the 2014 SSDP Northeast Regional Conference! The event was a huge success, with roughly 80 students and experts in drug policy … more

What decriminalized cannabis looks like in Spain

In a Spanish Cannabis Club like this one, is is legal to both obtain and smoke marijuana.

Now that the issue of legalizing marijuana has become a central issue in recent years, many are wondering what is the best way to legalize the plant for recreational use. In Washington and Colorado, it is legal for people to … more

Join our new club, the Sensible Society


Help us build a more sensible society

Since SSDP was founded 16 years ago, we’ve seen unprecedented movement away from criminalizing drug users and toward evidence-based policies for young people and adults alike. It’s not just that marijuana policy reform is advancing more quickly than anyone imagined: … more

SSDP in the United Nations “Protecting Youth with Drug Policy: Criminalisation has failed”

Students of our far-reaching international network embark to Vienna to the annual meeting of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs this week to deliver a panel presentation entitled “Protecting Youth with Drug Policy: Criminalisation has Failed.” The event is … more

Questionable drug prosecutions in UK


Drug prosecutions in the UK are apparently expanding their scope. Several recent cases showcase a concerning enthusiasm for prosecuting activities of questionable illegality. A shop on Vicar Lane in Leeds, has been raided on suspicious of selling so-called legal highs, … more

Why was marijuana made illegal in the first place?

The movie Reefer Madness was instrumental in marijuana's irrational prohibition.

racism, prejudice, and misinformation

We began outlawing marijuana in the United States in the 1910s. For Western states, a driving reason was a fear of Mexican immigrants who used the plant. In Eastern states, it was fear of African Americans and jazz musicians who used cannabis to … more