Call to Action: Demand Justice for Ayotzinapa Victims and an End to State-Sponsored Repression

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Written by Jacki Moreira, SSDP’s Latin American Policy Intern September 26th, 2016 will mark 2 years since 43 students of la Escuela Normal Raúl Isidro Burgos, or the Normal Rural de Ayotzinapa, disappeared in Iguala, Guerrero. The Normal de Ayotzinapa … more

It’s Time to Stop Profiting off America’s Prison System

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Written by CUNY Baruch SSDP Chapter Leader Leland Radovanovic, This article originally appeared on The Odyssey Online.  On Thursday, August 18th, the Deputy Attorney of the Department of Justice, General Sally Yates, released a memo detailing their plan to roll … more

Save the Date: 2016 SSDP Regional Conferences


We’ve just announced our 2016 Regional Conference dates and locations! Regional conferences are a fantastic opportunity to meet and network with SSDPers from your region. While typically not as large the national conferences, the regional nature of the events allow … more

Design a T-Shirt for SSDP, Get CAT Points for Creativity!

SSDP T-Shirts

As the 2016-17 school year approaches, SSDP is looking to add new swag to our collection, with the help of our very own network! SSDP is holding our 2016-17 t-shirt design contest, where SSDPers have the chance to enter their … more

Just Say Know: Disclosing Drug Use

Just Say Know

As Peer Educators introduce ideas, facilitate discussions, and encourage others to share their experiences, one may be asked about personal experiences. In order to remain professional and unbiased, facilitators should consider what is appropriate to share, and when it is … more

The Need for Drug Policy Reform in Ghana and West Africa


By Isaiah Adegoke Jnr, a member of SSDP Ghana and a Fellow at the 3rd West Africa Executive Course on Human Rights and Drug Policy. The 3rd Executive Course on Human Rights and Drug Policy in West Africa, hosted from … more

SSDP Welcomes the DePaul University Chapter


It’s the middle of August, and school is almost back in session, which means we are about to see another tidal wave of newly established SSDP chapters as students come back to campus. I’m happy that the first chapter I … more

Rodrigo Duterte: Learn from the Failures of Mexico’s Drug War

THE SIMPLE AND THE PUNISHER. President Rodrigo R. Duterte poses with toy maker Dennis Mendoza while showing two custom-made action figures of himself. One shows the simple Duterte who is often seen wearing a checkered polo and denim jeans while the other shows the resemblance of the cartoon character 'The Punisher' as he has been known to have an iron fist approach in addressing criminalities. ROBINSON NIÑAL/PPD

Written by Chris Kent Lopez, an SSDP alum from the University of California Berkeley. Check out more of his writing on his personal blog, Reflexiones Sobre Nuestra America.  Presidential candidates in countries torn by drug production and trafficking win executive power by … more

Our Unjust Justice System

Unbalanced Justice

Written by Lauren Mendelsohn ’09 If law school taught me anything, it’s that our system of “justice” is, in reality, horribly unjust and broken in many ways. There are many causes of this, from bad laws that are still on the … more

Sensible Tobacco Consumption


That title may seem like an oxymoron, but before writing this, I rolled up and smoked some natural, additive-free tobacco in a leaf of organic hemp rolling paper, without using a filter. The point of this piece is not to … more