Maryland’s Journey Towards Sensible Drug Policy


Written by Greg Gaffney-Bills of George Washington University SSDP The Washington Post’s article, “Bit of pot won’t land you in Maryland jail,” illustrated the beginning of Maryland’s journey towards sensible drug policy on October 1st. By decriminalizing marijuana, Maryland citizens and lawmakers … more

Vote Yes on Initiative 71


Written by Greg Gaffney-Bills of George Washington University SSDP On September 14th, the Washington Post came out against Initiative 71, arguing that decriminalization is sounder policy than legalization. There is substantial evidence that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco, but … more

Register and Vote on Initiative 71


Written by Greg Gaffney-Bills of George Washington University SSDP Election Day is nearly upon us, but unfortunately, many college students here in the District are unable to vote for or against ballot measures and candidates that will have major impacts on … more

Prop 47: California to Vote on Landmark Resentencing Initiative

CA Prop 47

Written by Board member Lauren Mendelsohn This November, Californians will vote on a ballot initiative that would modify criminal sentencing in order to reduce prison population. The initiative, Proposition 47, also known as the “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act of … more

Get the facts on Florida’s Amendment 2


There is a lot of misinformation floating around about Florida’s Amendment 2. Check out the facts here so you are able to combat this misinformation with truth. These facts are reprinted from,_Amendment_2_(2014). More facts about medical marijuana and the initiative … more

Open Letter to the People of Mexico


October 15, 2014 To the People of Mexico: We, Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), stand in solidarity with the people of Mexico affected by the escalation of narco-violence in recent years, as demonstrated most recently in Iguala with the … more

Hear a Mexican SSDPer’s Take on the Iguala Student Massacre


Plea My name is Gustavo Monraz. I’m 20 years old and studying at the University of Guadalajara. Some friends and I recently started a SSDP chapter at my university to educate people about drug policy and support decriminalization of cannabis. … more

Responding to uninformed “No on 2″ opposition


This was written in response to a “No on 2” ad in the Florida Courier (bottom right). After reading T Willard Fair´s recent comments in the Courier It appears that he is unaware of the negative effects that marijuana prohibition has on … more

Chapter Leaders Newsletter October 2014


Hello again SSDP rock stars! Here is your October installment of our monthly Chapter Leaders Newsletter. It’s packed with information and updates from all over the SSDP network. Please make sure to forward these newsletters along to your chapter members. … more

AMPLIFY Our Voice in Fall 2014!


Fostering support for drug policy reform, harm reduction & sensible policies already in place among the live music community this Fall at a show near you!

Festival season is winding down and tour season is gearing right back up! We’re incredibly excited to give you all an update of our work over the past few months as well as the inside scoop to all the big … more