SSDP Joins the Combined Federal Campaign with CFC code 98497

For the first time in Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s sixteen year history, we will be participating in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) this fall. The CFC is the official workplace giving campaign of the federal government, and is the … more

SSDP Welcomes the Salem College Chapter


In over four years of being involved with SSDP as a student or staff member I have rarely met anyone with as much enthusiasm about starting an SSDP chapter as Utang Enyenihi and Megan Cook. Earlier this summer, I was … more

SSDP Welcomes a New Chapter at Diablo Valley College

Jacob Bazarov, Chapter Leader of SSDP at Diablo Valley College

I am incredibly excited to introduce Jacob Bazarov, a full time student studying Computer Science and Psychology at Diablo Valley College, working a full time job as a software engineer. Jacob is undoubtedly one of the most resilient SSDP activists … more

SSDP Welcomes a New Chapter at University of California Berkeley

Lalitha Thirunagari (right) and Oliver Zerrudo (left)

Meet Lalitha Thirunagari and Oliver Zerrudo, the newest chapter leaders of the SSDP chapter at University of California Berkeley! The founding of the SSDP chapter at University of California Berkeley has an interesting story. Before this school year, Lalitha and … more

SSDP Recognizes International Overdose Awareness Day


Today, August 31st, is International Overdose Awareness Day. A global event held annually, this day aims to raise awareness about overdose, reduce the stigma of drug-related deaths, and spread the message that the tragedy of overdose is preventable. Events are … more

SSDP Welcomes the Boise State University Chapter


Hey everyone, I’m happy to announce more exciting developments for SSDP in the Mountain Region as we welcome another newly established chapter at Boise State University. Here’s what current chapter leader Tate Fegley had to say about their group! How … more

The Tragedy of the Ganja Policy


This column was written by University of the West Indies SSDP chapter member Vicki Hanson and originally appeared in the Jamaica Observer. The passing of the amendment of the Dangerous Drugs Act 2015 in February has laid the foundation for … more

SSDP Welcomes the Northern Kentucky University Chapter

Northern Kentucky University SSDP Chapter Leader, Dylan Birkenhauer

It’s been a great week for SSDP, as we are fortunate to welcome another newly established chapter to the network, Northern Kentucky University. Chapter leader Dylan Birkenhauer spoke with me about his experience starting a new chapter, and his plans … more

SSDP Welcomes the Colorado School of Mines Chapter!


SSDP Welcomes the Colorado School of Mines Chapter

I am overjoyed to introduce the newest SSDP chapter, Colorado School of Mines. I reached out to chapter leaders Jake and Raina about their start with SSDP, what the chapter has done so far, and their plans for the future. … more

SSDP Chapter Leader Studies Drug War in South America


As any SSPDer will know, there are many reasons for college students to become actively involved in ending the international failure that is the “war on drugs,” despite how overwhelming of a project it can appear to be at times. … more