Introducing the First SSDP Chapter in Belgrade!

I’m very happy to introduce you all to SSDP’s first chapter in Eastern Europe: SSDP Belgrade! They have had six meetings so far and have really hit the ground running the last few months. The chapter has some exciting plans … more

The Criminal Justice Approach to Opiate Abuse is Failing in New York


Written by SUNY Albany Graduate School SSDP chapter leader Lauren Parasconda. The Opiate Epidemic in the United States has expanded into many cities, towns, and states across the U.S at an alarming rate over the last few years. In New … more

SSDPers as Academics and Drug Policy Scholars


As SSDPers take on an impressive range of events, initiatives, and policy changes this semester, it is important to consider how these activities can be showcased in your academic and professional life. Many SSDPers will work to incorporate drug policy … more

Ayotzinapa: How Heroin Trafficking, Mining, and US Foreign Policy Played a Role


This is the third and final of a series of blog posts by SSDP Latin America Policy intern Jacki Moreira about the upcoming 2 year anniversary of the disappearance of 43 students from the Ayotzinapa Rural School. Today, she takes a look … more

SSDP Welcomes the SUNY Albany Graduate School Chapter!


I’m thrilled to introduce our newest SSDP chapter in New York at SUNY Albany Graduate School! Over the past year, the SUNY Albany SSDP chapter has been among the most efficient and active chapters in the entire network. Several of … more

SSDP Mentors program launched today

SSDP Alum Sam Tracy speaking with a student

The interpersonal connections between SSDPers have always been the glue that makes our organization so strong. With an ever-growing population of SSDP alumni, there’s never been a better time to formalize those relationships. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch … more

Sustainable Development Under Threat from Drug Trafficking in West Africa

By Isaiah A. Adegoke Jnr, a member of SSDP Ghana Drug trafficking is fast becoming a serious problem in West Africa. The sub-region has seen an increase in drug trafficking, production, and consumption that threatens many lives. There has been … more

Why Hasn’t There been Any Justice for the Victims of Ayotzinapa?


Two weeks ago, we published a call to action on the 23 month anniversary of the disappearance of 43 students from the Ayotzinapa Rural School. Today, SSDP Latin America Policy Intern Jacki Moreira takes a look at why investigations into the … more

SSDP Ghana Hosts Successful Open Forum in Accra


The following summary was written by leaders of the Ghana SSDP chapter after their successful open forum last Friday, August 26 in Accra. Students have been urged to participate in the political process and help push for sensible drug policies … more

SSDP Welcomes the University of South Dakota Chapter


I’m very excited to announce the formation of a newly established SSDP chapter at the University of South Dakota. I’ve been working with Jimmy and Lenette, co-leaders of the group, for some time now. After a long and arduous recognition … more