Jeanne Porges ’22

Elected Director


Jeanne Porges ‘22 is a doctoral student at Adler University’s Clinical Psychology MA/Psy.D. Program in Chicago, IL. She recently graduated from DePaul University with a major in psychology and a minor in philosophy. During her time in SSDP she started as a secretary, became President of the DePaul Chapter in 2021, and is currently co-leading Adler University’s Chapter. At Adler University she is specializing in traumatic stress (PTSD) and substance use and after she becomes licensed, she plans to become trained to implement psychedelic-assisted therapy. Jeanne was a part of SSDP’s last Psychedelic Mentorship Pipeline cohort, where she was first author of a literature review analyzing ketamine’s therapeutic potential for treatment of addiction compared with its addictive potential. Jeanne is also involved in IL-based drug policy and advocacy work that is focused on ending money bond in IL, legalizing psilocybin-assisted therapy in IL, and legalizing overdose prevention sites in IL. After three years of personal and academic research on psychedelic-assisted therapy—including a publication in Anamnesis Journal of Colorado College—Jeanne understands the inherent connection between policy and clinical practice, which has led to her passion regarding drug policy, ending the war on drugs, and SSDP’s mission.