Phoenix Mohawk Kellye

Website Manager


Phoenix AKA Mohawk (they/them/he/him) is an intersectional harm reduction educator & advocate for people who use drugs (PWUD) that has provided in-person peer support services and online education and resources for over 10 years.

They founded and directed New York DanceSafe, Inc., a harm reduction initiative designed to address social aspects of drug use and nightlife harm reduction for 9 years, and was responsible for handling all aspects of many technical and digital communications projects for NEXT Distro and DanceSafe for 4 years.

They have been an active Youth Rise board member for 2 years, registering the organization with an e-residency in Estonia and participated on the NYC Department of Health Community Advisory Board in 2023.

They’ve performed various drug checking point-of-care and research operations in 6 countries, including first of its kind “street drug” research with an FTIR Spectrometer in South Africa, Guinea-Bissau, and Sierra Leone, under their non-profit Rebel Harm Reduction.

Through their work, they center those most marginalized and impacted by The Drug War™, especially BIPOC, queer and trans people who use drugs as they are underserved.