Richard Fuentes ’21

Elected Director


Richard Fuentes graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelors in interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis in biology, communications, and psychology.

As an eclectic and curious person Richard plans to creatively further his interests in integrative mental health treatment, research, and activism, through his various positions. His positions include a behavioral health specialist within a psychiatric facility, a peer support harm reductionist at festivals, a volunteer research technician, and a former foster youth resource advocate. As a strong believer in firstly improving our mental health institutions, the reform of drug policy certainly aligns with his mission.

Richard is passionate most about changing society, to empower citizens to live mindfully and create a reality that reinforces our connection with each other and ultimately nature. Recognizing the holistic nature of indigenous philosophy, Richard believes this severely marginalized community can play a significant role in restoring our knowledge of connection to nature and our community.

As Richard navigates his interests he hopes to inspire others to act radically towards their vision as he says “Every moment is an opportunity to draw our destiny”