AMPLIFY Your Campus!

Music and Politics have always intersected in powerful ways. We’d like to help give you the tools to book and promote artists that we already know are excited to help end our failed war on drugs. Bringing musicians to your campus is an exciting way to spread SSDP’s message and draw new members to your meetings. As a chapter leader, you can help support AMPLIFY artists that are playing in your area by promoting their show on your campus. When possible your chapter will be able to host an SSDP table at the show and spread the word to an even larger audience. Concerts provide excellent fundraising opportunities, draw new members, and allow you to spread the word about SSDP and the need for reform. We can put you in touch with some great artists and as AMPLIFY grows, you might be working with some of your favorite bands!

Request a Training Session

Are you interested in getting trained to become an AMPLIFY volunteer? Fill out our request form here to schedule an online training session! [link to request form – – – need to build out – I will send content for form separately]

This Sounds Great! How Do I Get Involved?

To get involved with the AMPLIFY Project contact Brian Gilbert, Director of Artist & Volunteer Relations at [mailt to: email link]

View our full list of AMPLIFYers [link to AMPLIFYers page]