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Have you ever wanted to work for Students for Sensible Drug Policy? We’re hiring for two brand-new positions, and this could be your chance to land your dream job! Working for SSDP is an opportunity to serve our network of students who are leading the charge to end the disastrous War on Drugs and heal the harms of drug prohibition. SSDP is a close-knit team that works collaboratively through Holacracy, an organizational management system that distributes accountability among team members and allows each staff member to own their areas of work. SSDP is overseen by the Board of Directors, which maintains a majority of student members and keeps SSDP accountable to the people we serve. Both positions will be based in SSDP’s Washington, DC headquarters and the anticipated start date will be on or before May 29. The Development and Events Associate will support SSDP’s fundraising efforts and will play a major role in engaging the SSDP community with events. The Development and Events Associate is primarily responsible for communicating with members of the Sensible Society, supporting the Development Director and Executive Director in cultivating new relationships with foundations and individual donors, and planning and executing fundraising events and the annual SSDP international conference; additional, higher-level duties will be assigned based on experience, training, and competence. This is a growth-oriented position in which the successful candidate will be provided opportunity and expected to develop new skills and areas of expertise in order to take on growing responsibilities over time. SSDP’s Advocacy Fellow will advance drug policy reform by escalating and fortifying SSDP’s lobbying activities, better engaging our grassroots network, and improving the tools SSDP uses in its work. The Fellow will advise SSDP staff and student members on matters of state, local, and campus policy; maintain and improve the lobbying training program and advocacy materials for US students; represent SSDP to allied organizations and develop relationships with key allies as mentors; and work with SSDP’s public affairs consultant to develop national policy change campaigns and represent SSDP to Congress and with our allies in DC. If either of these positions sound like your dream job, apply now! Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the positions are filled, so don’t delay. Be sure to pay close attention to the application process instructions when sending your résumé and cover letter. We can’t wait to hear from you!