SSDP International’s Inaugural General Assembly

Welcome to Students for Sensible Drug Policy International’s Inaugural General Assembly. The General Assembly will be held on Zoom on the 29th of January 2021. All registered voters will receive an info pack with information on how to join the General Assembly and how to vote.

Important Dates

22nd of January – Voter Registration Closes

26th of January – Voting to Elect the Board Opens*

29th of January – General Assembly Occurs & All Voting Closes*

*Note: Voting for the election of the board opens on the 26th of January, but voting to adopt the statutes, mission, & new membership structure will take place on the 29th during the General Assembly. If you are a chapter leader that cannot attend the General Assembly and still wish to vote, please contact to arrange an absentee vote. 


12.00 pm GMT/1.00 pm WAT & CET/3.00 pm EAT/7.00 am EST

HousekeepingElection Committee

Presentation of proposed membership structure Outreach & Membership Structure Committee

1.30pm GMT/2.30pm WAT & CET/4.30pm EAT/8.30am EST


2.00 pm GMT/3 pm WAT & CET/5.00 pm EAT/9.00 am EST

Adoption of the Statutes

Adoption of the Mission

Announcement of the Board Election ResultsElection Committee

Introduction & Appointment of the Advisory Board

New Leadership Assume their Positions

Adoption of the proposed membership structure 

3.45 pm GMT/4.45 pm WAT & CET/6.45 pm EAT/10.45 am EST

Closing New Leadership & Chair

Many thanks to Orsi Fehér and the Election Committee for all the hard work that went into this event. If you wish to add items to the agenda, please contact

Board Candidates

Candidates for the Board of Directors Slide Deck

Amie Hogan ‘19 Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Profile Information

  • I co-founded the SSDP chapter in Trinity College Dublin to address the lack of a drug policy and the fact that there were no harm reduction services on campus.
  • Worked with the Students Union to draft a College Drug Policy which has now been implemented and published. 
  • I managed the social media of SSDP Trinity as well as recruiting and establishing a full committee.
  • We have established channels of communication with Merchants Quay Ireland and plan to support them throughout the year through raising funds and providing volunteers.
  • I have been involved in campaigning for safe injection facilities for services in Dublin.
  • I am presently involved in grassroots activism for cannabis legalization in Ireland.
  • I am serving on the SSDP fundraising committee and am a part of the global core team.

Why should people vote for you?

I have shown a commitment to Drug Policy and drafted the present drug policy in Trinity College Dublin. I worked with the present Trinity SSDP to assure that there is a committee to follow on from the one that I co-established back in 2019. I am still working actively with this committee if they need help with anything. I display the ability to work well with a team and also being a leader. I demonstrate the commitment required to be on this board. Throughout the past two years, I have dedicated hundreds of hours of my time to this organization and have thoroughly enjoyed my involvement, I believe that I would be an asset to this board.

Egide Nduwayo ‘21 SSDP Burundi

Profile Information

My name is Egide NDUWAYO. I live in BURUNDI, I am male. I am 28 years old. Bachelor degree in Languages and social sciences in English section I have studied a course about liberty which pushes me to advocate and fight for liberty in my community. Moreover I followed SSDP training by distance education which enables me to have the idea of making SSDP in BURUNDI.

Why should people vote for you?

Because of my leadership.

Eolann Davis ‘19 Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Profile Information

  • I founded a chapter of SSDP in Trinity College Dublin after spending a summer working in low-income housing units and harm reduction sites in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Our main achievement as a chapter was drafting Trinity’s first official college drug policy, an amended version of which was brought into effect last October. We recently completed a review of the published policy, and over the next year I intend to work with the existing committee to attempt a national rollout of our policy to other universities across Ireland. 
  • I oversaw the election of the 2019/2020 committee, and have been assisting and advising the new committee however I can over the past year.
  • I have been involved in SSDP through participating with the Global Core Team, as well as writing a number of contributions for the International Organizing Committee Blog. I was also recently appointed to the Board of Directors of SSDP Global. My position as a member of the Board has also led to my involvement in the growing movement to push for the legalization of cannabis in Ireland over the next year. 

Why should people vote for you?

Establishing SSDP International is a giant step in the right direction, but much work remains to be done to ensure that this happens in practice going forward, and that the mistakes of the past are not repeated. In particular, many chapters outside the US felt neglected and under-supported, which should never be the case. I applied to be on the US Board last year before I knew SSDP International would be created, because I wanted to work towards this goal. I feel being on the board of SSDP International would enable me to act as a conduit of communication between the two separate entities, as well as a voice for greater international cooperation and solidarity.

I am a recent law graduate and largely focused on modules and topics related to human rights during my degree, equipping me with comfortability conducting legal research and drafting policy, which I think could prove useful for the Board going forward. I have fundraised across various mediums and causes, and took a year off university in the middle of my degree to work as a fundraiser exclusively for a year. This started at UNICEF Ireland, and continued with Public Outreach in Vancouver, where I was promoted to manager of the Vancouver door team within six months. I feel this professional experience would make me an asset to the Board.

Ewelle Williams ‘17 United Methodist University, Liberia

Profile Information

  • Joined SSDP in 2017, where I became chapter Leader at the United Methodist University. Also served as vice chairman of the African SSDP committee and SSDP International’s Outreach Structure and Membership team.
  • Have raised and conducted research on the awareness of the Liberia drug and control substance act “Chapter 16” which states drug law should be a non-Billable offense, which I am not in favor of because it is limited and does not promote Human rights.
  • Joined the advocacies with other organizations for a National Rehabilitation program that will reintegrate and develop the lives of drug users but not just send them to prison. My team have been researching the wrongful incarceration of most drug users across the continent, which needs rapid attention. 
  • SSDP Liberia with other networks from Senegal, Sierra Leone, Mali and Burkina Faso, petition their voices on measures of incarceration to people who use drugs (PWUD), focusing on students. We are holding administration to accounts, even wrongful expulsions for students under the influence of substances was an issue that we manage to minimize at the United Methodist University.

Why should people vote for you?

People should vote for me based on my passionate work to liberate people who use drugs through strong drug Policy rooted with Human Rights that will uphold the dignity of people who use drugs and not. I believe that with my level of work and experience in drug policy advocacies and impacts across the continent of Africa, I urge that I be voted upon to change the trend of bad drug policy that makes leaders richer while others are incarcerated speaks volumes of injustice and gross violation to the Human rights declaration . I have been working on drug policy on an international level with other partners from Europe, Asia and America. My deligent Service to this network has added up my potential to work and bring change.

Iulia Vatau ’19 University College London, United Kingdom

Profile Information

  • Chair of SSDP UK’s International Drug Policy Subcommittee and founder of UCL SSDP
  • Established a university-endorsed, student-led, harm reduction volunteering project based on the Just Say Know curriculum 
  • Coordinating sending SSDP UK members to the CND and providing advocacy training outside the network. 
  • Active campaigner for Support. Don’t Punish and International Overdose Awareness Day.
  • Content Director for the SSDP International Organising Committee; Global Representative in SSDP’s Strategic Planning Committee; active member of Outreach and Membership Working Group 
  • Pursuing a BA in the History and Politics of the Americas 
  • A Romanian immigrant, Iulia has been mobilising youth within the Romanian Harm Reduction Network to better engage in civil society
  • Outside SSDP and drug policy, Iulia has trained with Amicus ALJ to better understand the death penalty and its practice within the US criminal justice system, as well as volunteered with Give Opportunity Global to support the development of female-led business initiatives in Uganda.

Why should people vote for you?

  • Committed to ensuring SSDP International is reflective of the diverse body of members that constitutes the network by establishing a Trans-regional Cooperation Programme to better promote campaigning and mobilisation efforts between regions
  • I strongly believe in building a better support system for chapters in countries where activism is not as deeply ingrained within traditional channels of policymaking. I wish to facilitate the exchange of good practices, advice and support between members with similar experiences, as well as bring these to the forefront of our training and resource allocation.
  • I look forward to ensuring both the empowerment and consolidation of existing regional committees, as well as providing support in expansion efforts towards the east in Europe, Africa and Asia alike.
  • I will ensure that no member or regional structure feels overlooked or under supported and that each member has equal opportunities.
  • I will facilitate the implementation of a sustainable membership and outreach structure to better serve and support the needs of SSDPers regardless of their background and civil society circumstances.

Sarah McGuinness ‘19 Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Profile Information/Why should people vote for you?

I first got involved in SSDP in late 2019, when Eolann Davis & Amie Hogan set up the Trinity chapter. We were all really excited to get to work, but unfortunately Covid sort of put a spanner in the works for us! I’ve kept up with SSDP virtually since then, and am now the VP of the Trinity chapter. While we’re still really limited by Covid in what we can do, I’ve secured naloxone training later this month for some of our committee members, and we’ve set up a virtual study club for the Peer Education curriculum which is going really well!

Prabin Shahi ‘20 Tribhuwan University, Nepal

Profile Information

SSDP was introduced to me firstly at a consultancy meeting of youth rise Nepal where I was elected as a country core team. After hearing about ssdp I found it interesting because I was a drug user and student too and policies to drug users in our country are quite miserable. So I thought that day I will start it. I tried before a couple of years ago when Jake was there but couldn’t succeed so this time fingers crossed before I thought I can’t alone but I think I can now and I’m confident on it and I will do some big or maybe small changes for our drug user community. For example, pressuring government to revise old 40+ policies. Hooking up with the government body and getting to know about their vision plan Lastly we can make many good SSDP members and make our ssdp community big to help others and for ourselves too. I can take session about drug user policies of Nepal and about ssdp and its role. I can register SSDP in my country and play some significant role for policies with the help of SSDP. if we get registered our local bodies and government body should update us about the program or decision but sadly if we do not register it’s like impossible. So my wish or maybe need of today’s drug user and their right should be secured. I  would love to bring ssdp in Nepal and do some good work.

Why should people vote for you?

I think I can bring significant change in policies made for drug user in my nation. It’s weird law sometimes I see. So to throw outdated laws I want to give something new which will be helpful for drug user and SSDP too in future. I have gone through andam  going through war on drugs and don’t want our next generation to have  to tolerate the same. I with your help if I get chance I will give my 100 to change the policies at least in my country and about SSDP if I’m selected I can help you in many ways. Because I have mentioned before I was selected country core team from election. I have worked with various NGO’s and some INGO too. I have learnt all this from my life and my experience (I was an drug user). I don’t have much to say but I just want to say I belong from small under developed country, where drug user are stigmatized and discriminated by community police because of unbalanced law and order. In my nation Nepal we have to do something to uplift the living standard of drug user, right now they are powerless, tired etc. Their voices are unheard. So I want to represent all of them and be their voice and this could be possible if I am selected after that I can directly have table talk with the government. Thank you