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What is the SSDP Mosaic?

Each month, SSDP’s Diversity, Awareness, Reflection and Education (DARE) committee publishes the SSDP Mosaic, a newsletter dedicated to exploring intersectionality and the War on Drugs. The DARE committee is concerned with how the War on Drugs affects different communities, so we release the SSDP Mosaics to raise awareness within our network of how underrepresented communities experience the War on Drugs and what we can do as drug policy reformers to ensure we’re taking all stakeholders into account in our activism. Previous issues have covered topics such as domestic violence, trans awareness, Black Lives Matter, and women’s unique experiences with the drug war.

Contribute to an upcoming issue

The DARE committee strives to promote inclusivity within the SSDP network, and facilitate collaboration and engagement with presently underrepresented perspectives, individuals, and movements. In order to ensure that the SSDP Mosaic more intentionally and meaningfully reflects these values, the DARE committee is pleased to invite members of our student and alumni network to contribute to upcoming issues.

Get involved with the DARE Committee

Members of our student-led board of directors and a staff coordinator head the DARE committee, but all students and alumni of SSDP are welcome to get involved. Join our Google Group or email our staff coordinator, Rachel Wissner (, to share and discuss relevant news, participate in our monthly committee calls, plan the SSDP Mosaics, and connect with a network of students and alumni concerned with how the War on Drugs affects different communities.

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