Our global fight has never been more important

In the midst of our global public health crisis, vulnerable populations across the world are suffering the most, particularly people who use drugs, who lack access to health care and whose human rights are systematically denied. Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s global fight for the health, dignity, and rights of ...
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SSDP Students launch global Black Lives Matter Hackathon

Written by Shot Khan '16, co-founder of James Madison University SSDP As a Students for Sensible Drug Policy chapter founder, a DanceSafe chapter President, and a Computer Scientist, I have always wanted to merge my passions of Computer Science and Criminal Justice together. So, this past year,  another SSDPer who ...
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Welcome to the Just Say Know monthly roundup! Here we will be sharing the latest in drug education and harm reduction each month.June was, for many of us, a very active month. Intentionally systemic and institutionalized racism was once again highlighted for the world to see resulting from the death of George ...
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Drug Use and the LGBTQ+ Community – Taking Pride in Harm Reduction

This piece was originally published by YouthRISE Executive Director Ailish Brennan as a Press Release for SSDP Ireland for both Support. Don’t Punish. and Pride Weekend Celebrations in Ireland. Pride has become a time defined by love and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community (LGBTQ+ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, ...
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Betty Aldworth and Stacia Wallis sitting at an SSDP table

SSDP prepares for departure of Stacia Wallis ‘05, Betty Aldworth from staff

In light of the ongoing health pandemic and accompanying economic recession, SSDP must reduce staff and prepare for significant budget cuts for the foreseeable future.  However, with careful attention and planning SSDP can adapt, fundraise, and streamline to ride out several years of anticipated recession or depression. While expenses have ...
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Introducing Northwestern SSDP

By Rosalind Wang ‘20 and Shareef Jabba ‘20, Northwestern SSDP Co-Chapter Leaders How did you hear about SSDP? Rosalind: I first heard about SSDP on MAPS’ website. It immediately drew my attention, and I was astonished when I found out Northwestern did not have a chapter. I believe organizations like ...
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SSDP’s Byrne JAG Grant Position

Written by SSDP's Policy Council The Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (Byrne JAG) Program (42 U.S.C. § 3751(a)) is the primary way states, tribes, and local jurisdictions are provided federal criminal justice funding. JAG funding can be used for a variety of initiatives such as law enforcement; prosecution, courts, ...
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We’re still fighting for a more sensible future. Stand with us.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s 2019-2020 program year ends today. Through the challenges of the global COVID-19 pandemic, upending of campus life, and rapid shifts in change-making strategies, we’ve seen our network members step up and reinvent the ways we organize. In the last two months we had a stellar ...
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A facial recognition overlay is seen on a black man's face. Facial recognition technology has been shown to confuse non-white faces, leading to arrests of innocent people due to racism in the creation of facial recognition tech.

Drug Policy and Digital Rights: June 30th and July 1st Calls for Action

By Erica Darragh '14, SSDP Board Member and Sunrise Movement distributed organizer It is undeniable that we are living in a historic moment, comparable to the cultural awakening of the 1960s that fueled the Civil Rights, anti-war, and counterculture movements. The United States is being confronted with its racism during ...
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UCL Chapter Committee

Introducing University College London

Author: Iulia Vatau ‘20, Chapter Leader Tell me a bit about yourself: what do you study, what are your interests and why have you decided to start a chapter? My name’s Iulia and I am a second-year student at University College London, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in History and Politics ...
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Medicinal Cannabis

‘Medicinal Cannabis ‘ll boost Nigeria’s economy’

Author: Saheed Ibrahim '18, SSDP Nigeria This article was originally published by The Hope Newspaper, to read the original article click here. President of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), Nigeria chapter, Mr Olufemi Bashorun has advised state and federal governments to exploit the medicinal cannabis market to boost the ...
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Stigmatization and its Effects on Women Who Use Drugs

Author: Dele Fayemi ‘18, SSDP Nigeria This article was originally published by DPH News, to view the original article click here. According to the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) which was adopted in 1979, discrimination is defined thus: Any distinction, exclusion or restriction ...
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SSDP Report Card for May 2020

Around the United States, and across the globe, Black Lives Matter and other protestors have taken to the streets to protest against police violence, specifically the murders of Black Americans at the hands of the police, as well as systemic and interpersonal racism in the last few weeks. SSDP stands ...
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Recommendations to amend the Justice in Policing Act

Congress: Amend and pass Justice in Policing now!

The Justice in Policing Act of 2020 is an extensive federal poling reform bill that addresses many of the policies that give police outsized power -- and inadequate accountability -- in communities. Unfortunately, it's just not sensible enough. Act today to tell Congress: Our communities deserve better! Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna ...
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SSDP UK Committee Statement of Solidarity

SSDP’s UK committee stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and those currently protesting against police brutality in the US, the UK and across the globe. George Floyd was an unarmed black man who was killed after a police officer from Minneapolis, USA, kneeled on his neck for ...
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screenshot of Justin Howell GoFundMe page

His Name is Justin Howell

CW: police violence Over the weekend, SSDP learned that Justin Howell, a Texas State University student, was critically injured at a protest in Austin this week. SSDP condemns the authoritarian suppression of public demonstrations in Austin and across the world regarding the movement for black lives. We send our best ...
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Global Drug Survey - Special Edition on COVID-19

Participate in the Global Drug Survey

Got a spare 15 minutes? The Global Drug Survey wants to know about your drug and alcohol use during COVID-19. The Global Drug Survey (GDS) runs the world’s biggest annual drug survey. Consistent with their mantra of having “honest conversations about alcohol and other drugs”, the GDS asks people around ...
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Photo of protester with #deagoaway sign

DEA, Go Away!

Our nation is confronting the latest spate of escalated violence in a centuries-long epidemic of police brutality against people of color. As #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd demonstrators turn out all over the world, the Drug Enforcement Administration is conducting warrantless surveillance and enforcement against any federal crime committed in association with those very ...
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How to protect yourself while protesting

Around the world, Black Lives Matter and other protesters have gathered to demand an end to police violence, specifically the murders of Black Americans at the hands of the police, as well as systemic and interpersonal racism. In the wake of the protests, the executive branch of the United States ...
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Students for Sensible Drug Policy Statement of Solidarity with Uprisers and the Movement for Black Lives

Black Lives Matter and SSDP members around the world reacted with horror, again, at the murder, again, of an unarmed black person by police. On May 25, 2020, a Minneapolis, MN, USA, police officer used lethal force and knelt on the neck of George Floyd for nearly nine minutes, a ...
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We do this work because the war on drugs is a war on us.

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