Miranda Gottlieb


Working With a Fellow SSDP Alumna: mentor, friend, and life-saver

When I first met Amanda Muller ’10, I was lying on a table to be a demonstration body for a naloxone training. The course of my undergraduate career changed after Amanda used me for a sternal rub demonstration and inspired my career pursuits. My impromptu drive from the University of Tennessee to Charleston, South Carolina, was under the pretext that

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What to know about the SSDP Board of Directors elections

SSDP2017 is only a few days away and twenty amazing SSDPers have applied to run for the Board of Directors. SSDP is governed by a Board of Directors and a Board of Trustees, a designated body of the Board of Directors. Elected student members and appointed alumni make up the Board of Directors; all are volunteers and each member serves

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Getting to SSDP2017 on Your University’s Dime

If you are anxiously pacing around your college campus quad wondering how you will come up with the funds to get yourself to picturesque Portland this coming March for SSDP2017, you are not alone. Even with all of the amazing CAT points and incentives that Students for Sensible Drug Policy has established to help offset these costs, it is completely

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SSDP Board Member Miranda Gottlieb Named a Schwarzman Scholar

Miranda Gottlieb, a former chapter leader at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and current SSDP Board Member has been named to the second class of Schwarzman Scholars, a program designed to give exceptional students the chance to develop leadership skills and professional networks through a master’s degree program in China. Gottlieb, who is from New Mexico, earned her bachelor’s degree

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SSDPers as Academics and Drug Policy Scholars

As SSDPers take on an impressive range of events, initiatives, and policy changes this semester, it is important to consider how these activities can be showcased in your academic and professional life. Many SSDPers will work to incorporate drug policy topics into coursework due to the interdisciplinary nature of reform work, which is such a fun way to blend your

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