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Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act of 2012 Makes Ballot!

August 22 was a momentous and historic day for Arkansas. Yesterday afternoon, the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office contacted Arkansans for Compassionate Care to formally let them know the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act of 2012 will be on the ballot this November. Arkansans, for the first time ever, will be able to vote to allow medical marijuana in their state.

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The War on Drugs: Worth it or Worthless?

Last week, our chapter at the University of Arkansas hosted a hugely successful drug war debate, generating widespread media coverage and bringing together an audience of nearly 400 people. I spoke with University of Arkansas SSDP chapter leader Stephen Duke about the event; 1. Describe the event. How many people were there? What was the atmosphere like? How receptive was the audience? Who was

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Rob Pfountz, Chapter Leader of the Week

Basics: Robert Pfountz SSDP State Coordinator for Arkansas Former President, University of Arkansas SSDP Major: Political Science Minor: Economics SSDP: When did you 1st get involved with SSDP? Rob: The first SSDP event that I attended was to see Norm Stamper of LEAP speak on-campus at the University of Arkansas in 2008. I had always supported marijuana policy reform, but this event was

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