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SSDP Country Highlight: Lebanon (Part 2)

This is the second part of our Global Country Highlight on Lebanon. If you have not seen the first part, please click here. Civil Society In my view, the NGOs working in Lebanon set a fantastic example for activists everywhere, covering key areas of policy change, network building, medical treatment, and harm reduction. Civil society’s interrelated web of activity demonstrates

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SSDP Country Highlight: Lebanon

Earlier this year, I was taken aback by civil society’s impressive commitment to drug policy reform and advocacy in Lebanon. As SSDP’s first Country Highlight, I’m excited to shine a spotlight on this beautiful and complicated country, to explore its drug laws, recent and important developments, and most importantly, share some of the fantastic work of civil society. In the

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Global Member Highlight: Chiri Choukeir ’20

Jacob Chagnon ‘17: This week, we bring you a special edition of our global Member Highlights, intended to showcase the activists working in tandem with the drug policy reform movement. Moreover, we aim to emphasize the fact that you need not be a student, or formally affiliated with SSDP, to be a contributing ally. It is my absolute pleasure to
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