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Protect students like Rachel, Andrew, and "Joe"

Last Sunday, 60 Minutes aired an investigation of the use of young people as confidential informants featuring the story of SSDP alumna Rachel Hoffman. Frequently, young people who are busted for minor drug offenses are pressured in to becoming informants without the guidance of trusted adults, advice from an attorney, or a full understanding of their rights and the likely outcomes of

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Best Tips for Good Samaritans: How Two SSDP Chapters Successfully Advocated for Medical Amnesty Policies

Since 2005, SSDP has helped enact Good Samaritan policies at more than 240 colleges and universities across the United States. These measures for medical amnesty foster a safe environment, on-campus and off, enabling students to seek help for emergencies without hesitation or fear of severe punishment. But despite their proven effectiveness, Good Samaritan policies are still met with caution and

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Roosevelt University SSDP Successfully Enacts Campus Good Samaritan Policy

Written By: Vilamarie Narloch, Co-President of Roosevelt University SSDP Last week, I received an e-mail which included the sweet, sweet phrase that many of us SSDPers work long and hard to see, “After careful and detailed consideration, I am happy to say we will be adopting the Good Samaritan Protocol and it will be in place for this coming academic

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Why Changing Campus Drug and Alcohol Policies Doesn't Mean an End to Federal Funding

Recently, we’ve noticed an alarming trend of lawmakers and university officials citing the federal Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act (DFSCA) as an obstacle impeding them from allowing sensible policy change on college campuses. They claim that by changing drug and alcohol policies on campus, they will risk being denied federal funding and other forms of financial aid from the U.S.

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An Impressive Start

SSDP at SCSU is only two weeks old, but they are already off to an impressive start. Kevin Gysberg founded the chapter with the intention of reforming his campus’s drug and alcohol policy, and that’s exactly what he has begun to do. Despite their fresh start, Kevin and the rest of the students in the SCSU chapter have already drafted

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