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Spring Break…and The War on Drugs

Written by Arturo Lua Castillo ’16, SSDP’s Latin America Policy Intern and Chapter Leader of SUNY Albany SSDP.  Beautiful beaches, sunny resorts, and Mexico’s murder capital; all these things describe Acapulco. Once a sprawling tourist mecca visited by A-list celebrities, the city has become the prime example of how the War on Drugs creates incentives for violence and instability. A

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Open Letter to the People of Mexico

October 15, 2014 To the People of Mexico: We, Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), stand in solidarity with the people of Mexico affected by the escalation of narco-violence in recent years, as demonstrated most recently in Iguala with the murder and abduction of student protesters. We offer our condolences to all victims of the failed war on drugs, including

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SSDP on C-SPAN Confronting the White House

This morning the Center for Strategic & International Studies hosted a discussion with R. Gil Kerlikowske, the director of the White House Office on National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP). The discussion was attended by a diverse set of individuals representing various non-profit and advocacy organizations, as well as at least one Ambassador from another country (Costa Rica). Kerlikowske started the discussion with a

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The Drug War is Over!

In today’s Washington Post: Law enforcement officials announced criminal drug-trafficking charges Thursday against 43 people in the United States and Mexico, including suspected leaders of prominent cartels in a country that has been plagued with gun violence. […] The indictments “demonstrate our unwavering commitment to root out the leaders of these criminal enterprises wherever they may be found,” said U.S. Attorney

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SSDP in El Paso

While my last post made light of the situation in El Paso, this event proved to be an important day for drug policy. Even though mayor Cook’s veto was not overridden by the city council, councilman O’Rourke’s goal to stimulate dialogue about ending prohibition was achieved. Over 40 people testified their support or disagreement with the veto’s override. It seemed

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Your Revolution is Over!

Somehow, El Paso Mayor John Cook’s recent comments stereotyping those who support the resolution he vetoed last week, remind me of the Big Lebowski scene where Mr. Lebowski and The Dude argue about jobs, why he is “the Dude”, and the 60’s hippie revolution; filled with pot smoking – free loving, bums. “I can tell you that all the potheads have sent

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Legalization in El Paso

By now you are probably aware of the recent resolution, written and passed by the El Paso city council, that included an amendment encouraging that ending drug prohibition be discussed. The resolution was aimed at addressing and drawing attention to the rising violence occurring in the city of Juárez, Mexico which borders El Paso, Texas. After passing unanimously, the resolution was quickly

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