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SSDP Chapter Leader Studies Drug War in South America

As any SSPDer will know, there are many reasons for college students to become actively involved in ending the international failure that is the “war on drugs,” despite how overwhelming of a project it can appear to be at times. But it is much rarer for colleges to actively engage with students who have dedicated their academic career and future plans

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Legalization Enthusiasm on the March in Latin America

In a region where drug possession is already widely decriminalized, there are now signs of enthusiasm for farther-reaching reforms. In the wake of the first marijuana legalization bill passed in Latin America, there are signs that some other countries in the region are interested in following Uruguay’s example. The movement is not limited to poor or relatively wealthy countries, and

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What does the International Liaison Do?

My job makes me feel privileged. I’m the first International Liaison for Students for Sensible Drug Policy. My job enables me to travel outside the US, working with students and youth in other countries to set up SSDP chapters. It’s a great task which requires patience and perspicacity to find out what issues and ideas represent the interests of students

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