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Students in Ireland Support Medically Supervised Injection Centers

Cork Institute of Technology SSDP recently conducted a 732 participant survey that asked students on campus their opinions on alternative drug policies. Chapter leaders Martin Condon and Daniel Ciemiega present some of the findings of their survey.  The introduction of “Medically Supervised injection centers” (MSICs) for heroin and other intravenous drug users is on the cards for Ireland in 2016. This means

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Remembering Ireland's First Drug Arrest

Written by Cork Institute of Technology SSDP chapter leader Martin Condon.    In April of 1964, Raifiu Ojikuto, a 26-year-old Nigerian medical student living at Pembroke Cottages, Ballsbridge was arrested for possession of Purple Hearts (amphetamine stimulant tablets), becoming the first person in Irish history to be arrested on drugs charges. He was found dead in his home by gardaí after he

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SSDP Welcomes the Cork Institute of Technology Chapter!

I’m thrilled to introduce our newest chapter to the SSDP family: Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) from Ireland! The number of established SSDP chapters in Ireland increases to four with the addition of CIT. I spoke with chapter leader Martin Condon about what his chapter has accomplished so far and what his plans are for the future: How did you hear

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Read Why One Student Fights for Sensible Drug Policy

My name is Martin Condon. I am 24 years old, studying Chemical Engineering at CIT (Cork Institute of Technology – Ireland), and raising two children. Recently I was jailed for personal possession of herbal cannabis and this has caused serious distress for me and my relatively young family. Over the course of this year I have come to the realization

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