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Student Victory in the Courts Against Suspicionless Drug Testing

Linn State Plaintiffs Triumph in Latest Ruling Students for Sensible Drug Policy has long advocated against student drug testing, an invasive and counterproductive practice that is disfavored by numerous professional associations.  In December, SSDP secured a major victory for the Constitution when the Eighth Circuit ruled that suspicionless drug testing of college students is unconstitutional. In 2011, SSDP members at

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Mandatory and Suspicionless Drug Testing Program at Linn State Technical College Ruled Unconstitutional

Students of Linn State Technical College in Jefferson City, Missouri celebrated a win for their Fourth Amendment rights today when a U.S. district court judge ruled the school’s mandatory drug testing policy unconstitutional. In the fall of 2011, the two-year public college enacted a suspicion less drug testing program that required all incoming freshmen and students returning from a six-month

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