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How the #SSDP2018 Hype Can Help You

Making the Most Out of the Experience of an SSDP Conference Written by Amy Hildebrand, Illinois State Policy Intern The annual SSDP International Conference is nothing short of a whirlwind. A weekend that is filled with moving speakers and impactful panels, reunions with old friends and internet friends and the blossoming of new collaborations, communities and cohorts. I think we

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Pass the Mic

Written by Illinois State Policy Intern Amy Hildebrand I’ll start with two facts of cannabis legalization that should, by now, be well known, but nonetheless are important in anchoring the discussion. The war on drugs as a whole and cannabis policing specifically have disproportionately impacted communities of color. (See: Race and the Drug War) The contemporary legal cannabis market is

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Introducing the Governors State University Chapter

I’m so thrilled to be introducing a newly established chapter to the SSDP network in Illinois. Please welcome the folks over at Governors State University. New chapter leader Dustin Prince sent us some insight into his process and the new chapter. How did you hear about SSDP? I have a passion and interest to be a psychedelic psychotherapist and researcher.

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Recapping the 2016 SSDP Midwest Regional Conference

Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s Midwest Regional Conference was a huge success! Students from eight different chapters across three states convened at the DePaul University Campus in Chicago, Illinois on the weekend of October 21st-23rd for a conference that spanned a wide variety of drug policy reform topics. After students settled in with some coffee and breakfast, Spencer Rudnick and Kat

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SSDP Welcomes the Loyola University Chicago Chapter!

I am very excited to introduce our newest established chapter at Loyola University Chicago! I’ve been fortunate to get to know chapter leaders Ari and Rory over the past summer, and now that they are up and running, I cannot wait to see all that they accomplish in the upcoming academic year. They both responded to our new chapter interview, check

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SSDP Welcomes the DePaul University Chapter!

I am very excited to introduce our newest established chapter at DePaul University in Chicago! With the addition of DePaul, SSDP now has seven active chapters in the Chicago metropolitan area! DePaul SSDP chapter President Vila Ahmeti has been working hard all summer, and has some very thoughtful responses to some questions I asked that I’d like to share with all of you.

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SSDP Hosts Successful Regional Conference in the Midwest!

Last weekend, SSDP students, alumni, and supporters gathered at Northwestern University in Illinois for SSDP’s 2014 Midwest Regional Conference! More than 60 students attended the conference for an exciting weekend of expert presentations, training, workshops, and networking events. The speaker panels and events that took place throughout the day were each designed to give students the tools needed to continue growing

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SSDP Tulane takes action on Smarter Sentencing Act, S. 1410

Written by Emma Tuttleman-Krieger, President of the Tulane University SSDP chapter In the midst of final exams week, SSDP Tulane organized an “Activism Study Break” to help students urge their senators to vote in favor of mandatory minimum sentencing reform like the Smarter Sentencing Act (SSA), S. 1410. Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM) initiated a national call-in day on December 11th which provided short

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Best Tips for Good Samaritans: How Two SSDP Chapters Successfully Advocated for Medical Amnesty Policies

Since 2005, SSDP has helped enact Good Samaritan policies at more than 240 colleges and universities across the United States. These measures for medical amnesty foster a safe environment, on-campus and off, enabling students to seek help for emergencies without hesitation or fear of severe punishment. But despite their proven effectiveness, Good Samaritan policies are still met with caution and

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Roosevelt University SSDP Successfully Enacts Campus Good Samaritan Policy

Written By: Vilamarie Narloch, Co-President of Roosevelt University SSDP Last week, I received an e-mail which included the sweet, sweet phrase that many of us SSDPers work long and hard to see, “After careful and detailed consideration, I am happy to say we will be adopting the Good Samaritan Protocol and it will be in place for this coming academic

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