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July 2016 Monthly Mosaic: The Prison Industrial Complex and the War on Drugs

July 2016 Monthly Mosaic The Prison Industrial Complex and the War on Drugs Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s original motto was “Schools Not Prisons,” in response to the “Aid Elimination Penalty,” an amendment added to the Higher Education Act in 1998, which excluded students with drug convictions from receiving federal financial aid to attend institutions of higher learning. In early

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DEA forgets about UCSD student in custody for 5 days without food or water

Daniel Chong, a 23 year old University of California San Diego student, was detained by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and then left for dead for five days without food or water. On April 21, Daniel was smoking marijuana with friends when DEA agents suddenly burst through the door of his friend’s apartment with guns drawn. Daniel was detained and

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Once You Pop, You Just Can't Stop… Those Damn Drug Cartels!

Need more proof that the drug war isn’t working? Watch the above video of 20 Mexican drug cartel members dressed as police freeing 53 inmates from a Mexico jail. The cartel members arrived in 10 vehicles and a helicopter. Yes, they have fucking helicopters. And submarines. How many of the drug dealers and users that we put behind bars in the

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