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Most Laws Barring People With Felonies From the Marijuana Business Are Pure Hypocrisy

Written by SSDP Trustee Shaleen Title ’02 and originally published on TheInfluence.org. People often speak of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that come with building a new, legal marijuana industry from scratch. The opportunities are real, but the premise forgets something: This industry isn’t being created from scratch. Instead, it’s replacing two things that already existed: an illicit market from which many marginalized

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The many benefits of staying connected to SSDP after graduation

As you’ve probably heard, this week is SSDP’s first-ever Alumni Association membership drive! I’m incredibly excited to be a part of this, not just as the President of the Northeast region of our Alumni Association but as someone who’s been an active alum since before we had an official association. In my short time since graduating from UConn in 2013,

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