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Apply to become an officer of the SSDP Alumni Association

Founded in 2015, the SSDP Alumni Association created a formal avenue through which SSDP Alumni could interact with our students and network. Alumni Association activities include, but are not limited to: community building through independently organized events, mentorship of current SSDP students, and philanthropy efforts for the organization. Members of the Alumni Association receive special discounts and consideration for SSDP

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SSDP Mentors program launched today

The interpersonal connections between SSDPers have always been the glue that makes our organization so strong. With an ever-growing population of SSDP alumni, there’s never been a better time to formalize those relationships. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of “SSDP Mentors,” the SSDP Alumni Association Mentoring Program! By connecting current SSDP students with those who have graduated, we

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