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June Monthly Mosaic: Families and the War on Drugs

In mainstream conversations about families and drugs, parents are tasked with protecting their children from the evils of drug abuse. However, this narrative drastically oversimplifies the many ways in which families experience drugs and drug use, glossing over the serious problems caused by drug war policies themselves. Even otherwise positive drug policy reforms frequently overlook parents and families, perpetuating the

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March Monthly Mosaic: Women and the War on Drugs

Women and the War on Drugs Though men are often seen as the primary targets of the drug war, women have long been on the frontlines. Women comprise one of the fastest growing segments of the U.S. prison population. Two-thirds of women in federal prison are there for nonviolent drug offenses. Three quarters are mothers—many of them sole caregivers. Pregnant women

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Cops, moms and students call for an end to drug prohibition

Washington DC – Mothers from around the country will join with law enforcement and students at the National Press Club on May 2nd in honor of Mother’s Day. The press conference will launch a new coalition of national organizations that will represent mothers, police and students that seek to finally end the disastrous drug war. Students for Sensible Drug Policy

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