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The Revolutionary as a Civil Servant

Written by John Molloy, a member of the University at Albany SSDP chapter. I will begin this post with a bold statement: we have enough people marching. We have enough people talking about our struggle, even if the mainstream media pays precious little attention. What we don’t have, however, is enough people in city halls, in legislative buildings, on state

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“Should Cannabis be Legalised in Ireland?”

“Should Cannabis be Legalised in Ireland?” Debate hosted by SSDP Ireland and the UCC Philosoph in Cork, Ireland. by Graham de Barra, SSDP Ireland In its opening event of the year, SSDP Ireland and the UCC Philosoph society hosted the debate, “Should Cannabis be Legalised in Ireland?” Thanks to fellow health campaigner Aodhrua McAb SSDP was given the opportunity to

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Drugs and Peru

It’s a trend blowing through electoral politics and drug policy around the Americas. Last year, Mexico’s Felipe Calderon mentioned having a debate about legalizing drugs; last month, U.S. President Barack Obama told a YouTube audience that the debate needs to take place; Colombia’s President Santos has joined this chorus, now for a second time; in late January Bolivia sought and failed to achieve an

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SSDP is now a group on MTV think. Create a profile and join the group right here. I know what your thinking. MTV? Involved with something that isn’t lowering the quality of popular music and convincing the average 16 year old that they are entitled to a Mercedes Benz and a birthday party that is incomplete without flame throwing trapeze artists

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