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Michigan SSDP Chapters Prepare Their Expungement Push at Civic Engagement Conference

Written by: Sarah Noon ‘18, Oakland Community College SSDP President Students for Sensible Drug Policy chapters from Oakland Community College and Wayne State University organized and coordinated a breakout session on the topic of sensible drug policy at Michigan Democratic Institution for Civic Engagement’s 2020 Student Engagement Conference. Sarah Noon ‘18, president and founder of OCC SSDP, serves as the

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On Repeal Day, imagine a future without prohibition

84 years ago today, alcohol prohibition was repealed in the United States with the ratification of the 21st Amendment. From 1920-1933, the prohibition of alcohol caused rampant violence linked to criminal organizations that controlled the supply of illegal alcohol; wasted government spending in a futile effort to stop people from drinking; and consumption of dangerous, unregulated products of unknown provenance.

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AMPLIFY Artist Interview – Jesse Miller of Lotus

We recently sat down with Jesse Miller of Lotus to hear his thoughts on the current state of US marijuana policy, the continued need for sensible reform, the importance of the live music community & youth speaking out plus the start & evolution of one of our longest supporting artists. Jesse Miller plays Bass & Sampler in Lotus, a five

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Brad Pitt Almost Says Our Name

Drug policy reform is going mainstream in a significant way these days. Brad Pitt, famous actor and heartthrob, is taking on our issue. In a statement issued yesterday, Pitt said, in response to President Obama’s recent statement about not prioritizing federal resources to target users in Colorado and Washington, “The President’s statement reflects a saner and more sensible drug policy,

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