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Statement about the events that occurred in the FSDP Community Chat Facebook group

As some of our members and supporters may be aware, there was recently an incident that occurred within the community Facebook group of Families for Sensible Drug Policy (FSDP) that included Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) members of the group experiencing racist attacks and harmful micro- and macro- aggressions from the group’s moderators and other members of the
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3 Ways You Can Help Our Global Network

We just had our most accessible and diverse conference to date, and we hope you all really enjoyed it! We want to make sure we can make SSDP as accessible as possible for our members across the globe all year round. If you want to see some of the incredible achievements by the Global Program this year, take a look

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Big organization, tiny budget

Here at Students for Sensible Drug Policy, we pride ourselves on being the largest global drug policy organization in terms of people power.  However, we are far from the top when it comes to our budget, and that’s where you come in. Our five staff members work in a cramped, no-frills, two-room office and we’re able to support over 200

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SSDP endorses Measure 80, Oregon marijuana legalization initiative

In less than two weeks, voters in Oregon will have the opportunity to vote yes on Measure 80 (also known as the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012), which would regulate the sale of cannabis to adults over age 21 and restore the agricultural hemp industry. Today I’m proud to announce our official endorsement: Students for Sensible Drug Policy endorses Measure

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2010 SSDP yearly wrap-up

This was an amazing year for Students for Sensible Drug Policy! We helped bring the issue of marijuana legalization into the national spotlight by launching the Just Say Now campaign, a project with our friends at Firedoglake, that provided important tools like a free online phone banking system for activists around the country to call voters in four states with marijuana reforms on

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