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Global Member Highlight: Isabella Ross ’20

Written by Isabella Ross ‘20, Co-Project Leader of the Just Say Know Peer Education Programme for SSDP University College of London What is your name? My name is Isabella Ross. What SSDP chapter are you a part of? I’m part of SSDP University College London. Where are you from? What is something you love about your country and/or culture? I’m

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SSDP UK Coordinates Activities Across the Country for Support. Don’t Punish

SSDP’s international organising and relations is funded through the International Activities Fund. Please make a gift here here. Author: Iulia Vatau ‘19, University College London (UCL) Chapter Leader & SSDP UK Committee member   For the Support. Don’t Punish Global Day of Action, the SSDP UK Committee organised two webinars as part of Paradigma’s Decentralised Youth Drug Policy Conference, an
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