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A Picture from Mexico City

By Monday, SSDP will have lots of photos and video from the candlelight vigils our chapters organized across the country this evening, but I wanted to share with you all this inspirational picture from tonight’s vigil in Mexico City.


Drug War violence leads to UMD student's death

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 14, 2011 CONTACT: Stacia Cosner, SSDP National Associate Director – (410) 299-3433 Lauren Mendelsohn, UMD SSDP (202) 596-7737 Marijuana Prohibition to Blame in Shooting Death of University of Maryland Student UMD student group says legalization will end drug war violence   College Park, MD. – Officials at Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) charged today that the murder

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80% of Puerto Rico Murders Called Prohibition-Related

The title actually read “Drug-Related.” We know better. Just like the U.S-Mexican border, this isn’t violence caused by people taking drugs and going out on murderous rampages. These murders are fueled by a desire to control the drug trade. Something that is worth quite a bit of money. University of Puerto Rico researcher Hector Colon said that the island’s drug

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Legalization in El Paso

By now you are probably aware of the recent resolution, written and passed by the El Paso city council, that included an amendment encouraging that ending drug prohibition be discussed. The resolution was aimed at addressing and drawing attention to the rising violence occurring in the city of Juárez, Mexico which borders El Paso, Texas. After passing unanimously, the resolution was quickly

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