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Our response to “24-year-old: Why I’m fighting medical marijuana in Florida”

When reading the Orlando Sentinel the other day, I was enraged to discover that there are people my age who oppose  medical marijuana in Florida, and worse still, who believe there is no “conclusive evidence marijuana is an effective treatment for anything.” Andrew Sutton, fellow 24-year-old and political director for the No On 2 campaign, is outrageously misinformed on the

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Some People Need to Smoke Their Medicine

The Florida No On 2 campaign that opposes legalizing medical marijuana just received a written endorsement from the Florida Baptist Convention. Beginning at the very title of Executive Director Dr. Tommy Green’s endorsement, “You Don’t Smoke Medicine,” virtually everything he says is completely untrue.  Dr. Green states that “the Florida legislature has already enacted the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of

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Get the facts on Florida's Amendment 2

There is a lot of misinformation floating around about Florida’s Amendment 2. Check out the facts here so you are able to combat this misinformation with truth. These facts are reprinted from http://ballotpedia.org/Florida_Right_to_Medical_Marijuana_Initiative,_Amendment_2_(2014). More facts about medical marijuana and the initiative can be found here. Pot for Anyone who wants it loophole CLAIM: In reference to the availability of medical marijuana, the

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Responding to uninformed "No on 2" opposition

This was written in response to a “No on 2” ad in the Florida Courier (bottom right). After reading T Willard Fair´s recent comments in the Courier It appears that he is unaware of the negative effects that marijuana prohibition has on black communities right here in Miami-Dade County. This is especially surprising since, according to a report released in 2013 that

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