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Summary of the 2017 SSDP Nigeria National Leadership Workshop/Summit

Written by Moronfolu Adeniyi, Chapter Leader of SSDP Nigeria. Students for Sensible Drug Policy Nigeria, in partnership with Youth Rise, held a 2-day summit to train our chapter leaders on drug use and policies. SSDP Nigeria’s goal is to utilize student activism and grassroots strategy to reform drug policies in our country. Youth Rise was established in 2002 as part

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Experiencing the 55th Commission on Narcotic Drugs: A Student Reflects

At the Madrid Airport, the pc that a friend lent me stopped working. It was kind of funny, I mean, travelling was an exciting concept, and maybe that poor machine couldn’t handle that kind of stress. Not only was this my very first trip to Europe, the purpose for travelling was exciting in and of itself: attending the 55th meeting of the United Nations

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More of the same or inching towards change?

Last week, SSDP made its grand debut at the Commission on Narcotic Drugs meeting in Vienna, Austria.  This wasn’t the first time that SSDP had participated in the proceedings (many NGO representatives remembered Kris Krane’s much-lauded intervention in the “Beyond 2008” discussions), however it was the first time that SSDP arrived bearing Special Consultative Status from the Economic and Social

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UN Discusses Legal Rights of Child

YouthRISE and the International Harm Reduction Association (IHRA) have partnered to produce a document on Human Rights and Harm Reduction from a child’s legal perspective. A focus on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) gives the authors opportunity to discuss what children’s rights may be violated when states attempt to protect them from illicit drug use. The authors identify that Article

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