We made good trouble on the front steps of the White House

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Pictured: Columbia University Co-Presidents Bliss and Sarah Noon, SSDP Board members Kat Murti, Last Prisoner Project Founder Steve Deangelo, Hip Hop Legend M1, SSDP Board member Mallory Culbert and SSDP Staff member Jeremy Sharp.

Monday’s protest at the White House in support of clemency for all federal cannabis prisoners reminded the President that his work on Cannabis is nowhere near done, and that the people will hold his feet to the fire until all our incarcerated friends and family are home.

SSDP Student Leaders from across the country joined in the action including the fiercely courageous Maya, Zee and Franz of UT Dallas Texas, Bliss from Columbia University in New York, Justin of UC Santa Cruz in California, Hena Malik of University of Florida, Gina Giorgio of Wake Forest North Carolina, and Maddie Rocket of Drexel University in Philadelphia. We were hosted by Laura Goodfield President of our local GW Chapter(group training pick below). SSDP board members Kat Ebert, Raiden Washington, Evan Hazlet, Maya Tatum, Mallory Culbert and Kat Murti were in attendance and SSDP staff members Jeremy Sharp, Jake Plowden, Robert Hofmann and Jason Ortiz kept the protest orderly and safe. Thank you all for your service to the movement and to SSDP!

Monday October 24th was a powerful moment of collective action and unity. Huge thanks to the Last Prisoner Project and the DC/MD Marijuana Justice Crew Adam Eidinger, Kris Furnish and Nicholas Schiller. Special shout out to Steve DeAngelo and M1 for bringing the fire and the culture, and to Kristin Flor and the whole family at Freedom Grow for coming so strong with formerly incarcerated allies and the stories of the thousands still currently incarcerated.

(Photo credit: Raiden Washington, Giacobazzi Yanez, and  https://wtop.com/gallery/media-galleries/1-taken-into-custody-during-rally-for-cannabis-clemency/) 

Pictured: Hena Malik of University of Florida and Justin Ayala of UC Santa Cruz

Pictured: Maddie Rocket of Drexel University, Maya Seal and Zairia Buchanan of UT Dallas

Pictured: SSDP Board Chair Kat Ebert, LPP founder Steve Deangelo and Hip Hop legend M1 of Dead Prez

SSDP student leaders took occupation of 17th st to block access the Eisenhower Staff Building to demand Biden make good on his promise to release federal cannabis prisoners. His recent executive action while helpful, did not release a single person from prison. We held the street for most of the afternoon until Adam Eidinger’s 50ft joint came into the picture and effectively blocked the entire width of 17th st.

Adam Eidinger of DCMJ

SSDP Policy Director Robert Hofmann

SSDP Board member and Columbia University Chapter Co-President Sarah Noon was the only arrest for unlawful entry to the White House property. Her charges were dropped the next morning and no further legal recourse will be necessary. No one was hurt throughout the entirety of the direct action.

Immediate past Board Chair Maya Tatum

SSDP Press Secretary and Immediate Past Board Chair Maya Tatum was busy throughout the day with the numerous press outlets that arrived. Here are just some of the news articles from the demonstration:

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Steve DeAngelo, Jason Ortiz, UT Dallas Chapter member Franz Robin Mallalieu and SSDP Board Chair Kat Ebert

SSDP Board Vice Chair Raiden Washington on 17th st

Maryland Marijuana Justice Organizer Kris Furnish

SSDP crew at our GW University action training

Hip Hop Legend M1 of Dead Prez