Top Five Reasons from 2022 to Support SSDP in 2023!

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Top Five Reasons from 2022 to Support SSDP in 2023!

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SSDP Columbia(NY) Co-President’s Sarah Noon and Bliss Davis, and SSDP Board Member Kat Murti March with DCMJ, M1 of Dead Prez and Steve Deangelo of the Last Prisoner Project for cannabis clemency at the White House on October 24th

SSDP is the most widespread, effective, and intersectional youth drug policy organization in the Nation. We are the only Drug Policy organization with deep roots and current programming covering cannabis, psychedelics, and harm reduction at over 100 campuses across the country, creating true pathways toward national systemic change from the ground up.  Help us continue this work — our action and victories — by making a recurring donation at

Reason #1: We take direct action and speak truth to power

SSDP action photo featured in TIME magazine

We took direct action at the front gates of the White House to demand President Biden fulfill his promise to issue pardons for all non-violent cannabis offenders.
    1. We Made Good Trouble on the Front Steps of the White House
    2. Coverage by Reason Magazine
    3. Filtermag coverage

Reason #2: We pass local policies that decriminalize drugs

SSDP Vice Chair Raiden Washington, SSDP Southern Region Coordinator Jeremy Sharp, and SSDP Alumni Hunter Knight after their decriminalization ordinance passed in Athens Georgia on June 9th 2022 reducing possession to a $35 fine

SSDPrs mobilized for local drug decrim ordinances across the country.
    1. Cannabis decriminalization in the Deep South
    2. Decrim ordinance in Athens, Georgia makes an ounce or less of cannabis a $35 fine
    3. Cannabis Decrim municipal ordinance passed in Denton Texas
    4. SSDP in Ann Arbor Michigan launches decrim resolution campaign 

Reason #3: We empower youth and students to reduce overdose

We’ve organized Narcan administration training from coast to coast and developed partnerships to make drug checking kits more available.
    1. Yale SSDP hosts narcan training on campus
    2. University of Washington brings harm reduction to campus
    3. SSDP partners with Dosetest to provide harm reduction tools for youth

Reason #4: We empower young BIPOC leaders to discuss drug policy throughout the South

We launched our first HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) ambassador program, creating 10 SSDP ambassadors located in 10 HBCU campuses across 6 states in the South!
    1. Our first cohort
    2. SMART and SSDP’s dedicated HBCU outreach program website

Reason #5: We eliminate legal and cultural barriers to expanding psychedelic research

We pushed back on the DEA scheduling of psychedelic research chemicals and held a statewide symposium on psychedelics in California!
    1. SSDP Successfully Pushes Back on DEA Effort to Criminalize Psychedelic Research 
    2. Psychedelic symposium 
This work would not have been possible without our Sensible Society members and those who support SSDP! Please consider making a donation today. If you have any questions please contact!