Tell President Biden: Keep your campaign promise to release federal cannabis prisoners!

Keep your campaign promise to release federal cannabis prisoners!

Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) has partnered with the Last Prisoner Project to conduct a series of actions aimed at pressuring President Biden to release the nation’s federal cannabis prisoners. We are seeking people who are ready willing and able to escalate pressure on the president until all our cannabis prisoners are home. Our demand is simple:

“Follow through on your campaign promise to release all cannabis prisoners or we will remind the nation of your role in creating mass incarceration.”

5 Actions you can take to join the campaign today

Unfortunately President Biden will not take action unless pushed to do so by the people. Join us in building a movement disruptive enough to force him to follow through on his promise.

1. Contact your local congressional candidates:

Contact your local congressional candidates and demand they use their campaign platforms to lift the issue of cannabis prisoner release and send a direct letter to the President asking him to release all cannabis prisoners. An example of a letter recently sent by Senators Warren,  Markey and Merkley can be found here.

2. Organize a local action:

Organize a local action engaging with a local congressional candidate. For more help on organizing direct actions, please fill out our Direct action sign up form

3. Share our Organizational sign on letter:

Share our Organizational sign on letter  with the organizations of conscience who are willing to add their name to the coalition.

4. Join us in DC on October 24th:

Join us in DC on October 24th for our day of disruptive direct action

5. Donate to help youth leaders:

Donate to help youth leaders travel to DC and participate in our campaigns and trainings.

See below for additional background on Biden’s campaign promise to release prisoners.

For more information on the nuts and bolts of clemency work please visit the Last Prisoner Projects “Time to heal” page and join their letter writing campaign