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July 2021 – U.S Policy Council Monthly Round-Up

Projects: SSDP’s comments and Relevant Summary of the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act is in progress, due September 1stNew actions added to the Action Center!Urge Congress and the Biden Administration to Eliminate Funding for International Crop Eradication hereUrge Representatives to Co-sponsor and Support the Drug Policy Reform Act of 2021 hereNew U.S Policy Council Tactical Team Vote Tracker started July

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SSDP Sign-On Letter: Oppose Aerial Crop Eradication

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is circulating a sign-on letter for organizations and SSDP chapters to urge Congress to eliminate funding for aerial crop eradication in Colombia on the bases of environmental justice, human rights, public health, and sensible drug policy.  In 2014, the World Health Organization found that Glyphosate, which is used in aerial fumigation, was and is responsible

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