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SSDP Accepting Applications for 3rd Cohort of Psychedelic Pipeline Career Development Mentorship Program

Students for Sensible Drug Policy has continued to develop the Psychedelic Pipeline, a network to connect SSDP members and alumni interested in working with psychedelic medicines to quality training, scholarship funds, and career development opportunities, with a deliberate focus on providing access to people of color. We have an exciting new partnership with our friends at Fireside Project, and continue
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SSDP receives grant from Threshold Foundation for the Just Say Know Psychedelic Pipeline!

As some of you may have heard at #SSDP2019, Students for Sensible Drug Policy is embarking on a new project to connect our members and alumni interested in a career in psychedelic-assisted therapy and research to quality mentorship, training, and career development opportunities. The Psychedelic Pipeline will serve as a unique pathway for SSDPers to connect to professionals in the
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How SSDP helped me connect the dots

Like most college students, I spent my early years trying to find my place. I changed majors, schools, and longed to find my identity. In spring of 2015, I found a place within SSDP. When I walked into my first meeting at the University of Rhode Island, I instantly felt connected with those surrounding me. I phonebanked for cannabis legalization

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How SSDP helped me get my dream job as a cannabis journalist

In the 13 years since I joined SSDP in my first semester at Franklin Pierce College, now University, nothing has been more formative in my development personally or professionally. The way that SSDP’s mission engaged me essentially gave me chances to challenge my situational apathy around problems I didn’t even know existed in the world as a teenager living in

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