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SSDP’s Policy Council is Seeking New Tactical Team Members

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is seeking new student, alumni, and supporter leaders to join our Policy Council’s Tactical Team! We’ve had a lot of great victories this year: the second passage of the MORE Act in the House of Representatives, a public launch for one of our campaigns to remove funding for enforcing low-level drug penalties at the local level, and our

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SSDP’s Federal Policy Agenda for the 117th Congress Has Been Released

Last month, SSDP’s U.S. Policy Council completed our Federal Policy Agenda for the 117th Congress. Written by SSDP members, alumni, and supporters, this document shows federal representatives and administrators our roadmap for fighting the War on Drugs and promoting sensible drug policy over the next 2 years. The agenda consists of six main sections, covering various community interests as they

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