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Today is your last chance to join the Alumni Association and be entered to win prizes

Today is the last day to join the Students for Sensible Drug Policy Alumni Association and be entered to win $50 Visa gift card or free conference registration! The support the Alumni Association generates helps SSDP sustain day-to-day operations and provide resources to chapter members and leaders. Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to remain a life-long supporter of
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It’s #SSDPAlumniWeek 2020!

The Spring semester has ended and many Students for Sensible Drug Policy student members have graduated and are moving on to the next chapter of their lives. Being a member of an SSDP chapter is a defining part of many students’ college experiences; but being an SSDPer doesn’t stop there! The SSDP Alumni Association provides a framework for our members
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SSDP Launches Sensible Society Drive

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is conducting a Sensible Society membership drive all week long! The Sensible Society is SSDP’s monthly giving club. These unrestricted funds support SSDP’s day-to-day operations, staff, and infrastructure to ensure chapters can receive the resources and training they need to organize for sensible drug policy reform on their campus, in their communities, and at the

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SSDP’s Top 10 Highlights of 2018

Students for Sensible Drug Policy did some amazing things in 2018. Our thoughtful, bright, and impressive young activists made huge strides towards SSDP’s vision of a post-prohibition future where safety, justice, and education are prioritized in drug policy. There’s no better time than right now to help us celebrate 20 years and the start of 2019 by making a year-end

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On Repeal Day, imagine a future without prohibition

84 years ago today, alcohol prohibition was repealed in the United States with the ratification of the 21st Amendment. From 1920-1933, the prohibition of alcohol caused rampant violence linked to criminal organizations that controlled the supply of illegal alcohol; wasted government spending in a futile effort to stop people from drinking; and consumption of dangerous, unregulated products of unknown provenance.

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Join our new club, the Sensible Society

Since SSDP was founded 16 years ago, we’ve seen unprecedented movement away from criminalizing drug users and toward evidence-based policies for young people and adults alike. It’s not just that marijuana policy reform is advancing more quickly than anyone imagined: broad drug policy reforms are advancing as well. SSDP students and alumni have participated in virtually every reform at the

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