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SSDP’s Top 10 Policy Victories of 2022

With 2022 drawing to a close, Students for Sensible Drug Policy is reflecting on the drug policy victories we have been able to accomplish over the past twelve months. With campuses and community centers opening back up, keeping the potential risks of COVID in mind,, our students and youth leaders were busy leading efforts to advance sensible policies on their

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It’s Time to Retire the War on Drugs

50 years ago today, former US President Richard Nixon declared drugs and people who use them “public enemy number one.” Since then, the global War on Drugs has taken the lives of thousands and ruined the lives of millions through criminalization, incarceration, and making drug use dangerous under prohibition.  The War on Drugs was racially motivated from the very beginning. John Ehrlichman,

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Introducing Rutgers University SSDP

Written by Lily Ramos ‘21, Rutgers University Chapter Leader How did you hear about SSDP?  I heard about SSDP through searching for organizations dedicated to legalizing medicinal psilocybin and the decriminalization of drugs. I was fascinated as I have always been passionate about drug policy and the broken ones we have in the United States. Why did you want to

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Today is your last chance to double your gift

Today is the last chance for gifts made to Students for Sensible Drug Policy to be doubled this year.  2020 is almost over, and I’m sure you’re as excited as I am to head into 2021. This year was filled with enormous challenges and tragedy. We’ve witnessed death and devastation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, global civil unrest and upheaval,

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SSDP Statement on Breonna Taylor

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is enraged and disturbed over the decision made by the grand jury in the murder of Breonna Taylor to indict just one out of three officers involved with charges that were unrelated to her death. However, we are not surprised. The system that killed Breonna Taylor refuses to hold itself accountable time and time again.

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Updates from the 62nd Reconvened Session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs and How You Can Get Involved!

Written by Orsi Fehér ’16, SSDP’s European Global Fellow SSDP’s delegation to the 62nd reconvened session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) featured Jessica Steinberg from Oxford University, Panagiotis Sevris from SSDP Vienna, and Orsi Fehér, SSDP’s Global Fellow. While the session itself mainly dealt with administration and budgetary discussion and, as such, didn’t contain as much excitement as

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