Apply to Become a Candidate for SSDP’s Board of Directors!

Apply to Become a Candidate for SSDP’s Board of Directors!

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This entry has been published on January 20, 2022 and may be out of date.

This year, the SSDP Congress will convene from April 7th – 8th, 2022, and provide each chapter in the network with the opportunity to elect new student members to the Board of Directors, and to vote on resolutions for the organizations. 


As a nonprofit organization, SSDP is governed by the Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for ensuring the financial stability of the organization, crafting and approving the organization’s strategy, and hiring and evaluating the Executive Director. It also represents SSDP’s chapters at the national and international levels. The powers of the Board of Directors are outlined in SSDP’s Bylaws. SSDP is unique among nonprofit organizations in that two-thirds of the Board of Directors is comprised of young people, elected annually by their peers. Being on the Board of Directors requires more than just passion for social change and an interest in public policy. We are seeking individuals who have demonstrated leadership and commitment to changing drug policies through student and youth-led activism. Being a Director requires both teamwork and independence, and we want to work with people who have clearly shown their enthusiasm and capacity for participation and leadership.

  • Elected Directors must have excellent written and verbal communication skills and be able to take on various administrative roles essential to SSDP’s function.
  • Elected Directors are expected to devote a significant amount of time to Board tasks and assignments, to frequently check and respond to email, and to attend the mandatory board meetings.
  • Elected Directors serve on Board committees that have individual responsibilities.
  • Elected Directors are required to fundraise for SSDP; each Director is expected to raise at least $1000 each year by asking friends, family, colleagues, and industry connections for donations. 
  • Elected Directors are also required to attend, and participate in, SSDP’s annual Strategy Summit, which will be held virtually this year.

We strongly encourage all who believe they can make this commitment to apply. Serving on the Board of Directors of SSDP is an invaluable, incredibly rewarding experience. You will play a major part in growing SSDP and helping to end the drug war while gaining a unique experience, generally only available to people in later stages of life.


There are FIVE open student director positions to be filled during the April 2022 Congress. The organization’s bylaws define a “student” as someone who is currently enrolled at least half-time at a university as an undergraduate or graduate student, in high school, or someone who graduated within the last 6 months of the time of Congress. Those interested in joining the Board, but not currently enrolled in school, who have plans to enroll within 6 months of Congress may also apply. Both US and international students are encouraged to run. To apply to be a candidate, please fill out this application form. Candidate profiles will include information submitted from the application, as well as a short video recorded by candidates, expressing why they would be a good fit on the Board of Directors. After applications are submitted, candidates will be matched with a current member of the Board of Directors to act as a point of contact/mentor during this process. Candidates will also be asked to participate in a Congress 101 conference call that is available to the candidates to ask questions and get a better understanding of what it means to be on the Board. Applications are due by March 18th at 11:59 PM PST. Please send your application through the application link, and send any questions to


Resolutions are non-binding statements, submitted by chapters (or sometimes by the Board of Directors), that are voted on during the annual Congress. Resolutions are considered by the Board and Staff and help guide the growth and direction of SSDP. They are an opportunity for members to share their vision for SSDP, or which items which they feel should be included in the organization’s agenda. A template and sample resolution can be found here.


All currently active chapters are eligible to vote. Chapters will be allotted one ballot to vote for the five candidates they wish to see fill the openings. Chapters are asked to vote collectively. All votes will be submitted online. Voting will open for 24 hours on April 7th and we will announce the results on April 8th. If you are unsure if your chapter is currently “active,” or what needs to be done to make your chapter active, please contact the email address above. Please make sure your chapter members receive this and encourage everyone who is interested to run. We look forward to receiving your applications soon!


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