SSDP and allies hold press conference in support of cannabis sentence modification bill

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Press Advisory

Cannabis justice activists to hold press conference in support of HB6787  

LOB room 1A

  Primary Press Contact: Jason Ortiz,, (860) 639-8101

Secondary Press Contact: 

  Expected Speakers

State Representative Anthony Nolan

State Representative Robyn Porter

State Representative Anne Hughes

Last Prisoner Project Executive Director Sarah Gersten

Social Equity Operator and Owner of Nautilus Botanicals Luis Vega

Christina Capitan – Community Organizer, CT Cannawarriors

Students for Sensible Drug Policy Executive Director Jason Ortiz

  HARTFORD – State Representative Anthony Nolan in cooperation with Students for Sensible Drug Policy and the Last Prisoner Project will hold a press conference in support of Cannabis sentence modification immediately before the Connecticut General Assembly Judiciary Committee will hold a public hearing on HB6787 AN ACT CONCERNING THE PROSECUTION OF CANNABIS-RELATED CASES AND MODIFICATION OF SENTENCES FOR CANNABIS-RELATED OFFENSES. 

  The press conference will be held in room 1A of the legislative office building at 9amET. 

In attendance will be state legislators, formerly incarcerated citizens, Social equity operators and community advocates.


“As we continue to transition to cannabis being regulated as a profitable business enterprise, we can not forget that we ruined lives for actions that are now legal, and many of our friends and family are watching the industry unfold from a jail cell window. Our work today will help right the wrongs that were done in the name of the war on drugs and make sure all of our communities are able to heal. I encourage my colleagues to support HB6787.” – State Representative Anthony Nolan

  “As someone who was arrested, but not incarcerated for simple cannabis possession as a youth, I will not stop advocating until everyone who has been impacted by cannabis prohibition is free. That includes those currently incarcerated, those currently on supervision, probation or parole, and everyone impacted by the collateral consequences of the drug war like access to education, housing and employment.” Said Jason Ortiz, Executive Director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy. “I commend State Senator Gary Winfield and State Representative Steve Stafstrum for their leadership in making HB6787 a priority for the judiciary committee and encourage all of my cannabis advocates friends and allies to mobilize for it’s passage.”

  “The Last Prisoner Project thanks Senators Winfield and Representative Stafstrum for their leadership in bringing this important issue to the public so that we can address the ways legalization has not met the goals of ensuring that every single person still being incarcerated for cannabis crimes is set free.” Said Sarah Gersten, Executive Director of the Last Prisoner Project.”There is much work to do, but we applaud these legislative leaders for championing a just and fair process to achieve justice for cannabis prisoners.”

  “I’ve seen the impacts of incarceration first hand as someone who served time just for growing cannabis plants. As a now state approved Social Equity operator of a cultivation facility I am proof positive that those who were part of our existing cannabis community infrastructure can be productive members of our community if given the chance to be fully free to engage in business opportunities and community uplift.” Said Luis Vega, Approved Social Equity Operator and Owner of Nautilus Botanicals. “I’m honored to stand among those who will not leave anyone behind, and encourage everyone in the legal regulated market to support HB6787.”

  “As a proud member of the CT Cannabis Legacy community, we are here to stand in solidarity with bringing our friends and family home from a war that never should have been waged on our community in the first place” Said Christina Capitan, community organizer with CT Cannawarriors. “We stand ready today to advocate for hb6787 so that our people do not need to suffer continued insults being added to their injuries as they watch a multi-million dollar industry being built without them. We will keep fighting until all of us are free.”

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