Announcing New SSDP Promotions!

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This entry has been published on August 28, 2021 and may be out of date.

We are excited to announce two promotions for members of our team!

Rob Hofmann ‘16 is now our Policy and Advocacy Director! In this role, Rob will be advancing drug policy reform by developing, implementing, and activating members around SSDP’s policy priorities. Other responsibilities include:

  • Advising the SSDP team and members on policy matters
  • Conducting research on current and upcoming legislation as it relates to our policy priorities
  • Representing SSDP to allied organizations and developing relationships with key allies as mentors, and
  • Determining SSDP’s legislative agenda; taking into account the chapter and member presence in the target area, support for the legislation by lawmakers and stakeholders, and the impact legislation would have on ending the War on Drugs.

As Rob transitions all Pacific Region chapters and New York chapters to our new Pacific Region Outreach Coordinator and New York State Coordinator, he will be focusing efforts around passing our new drug decriminalization model resolution in several cities, eliminating funding for aerial crop eradication, advocating for cannabis legalization at the federal level, and more!

Luis Montoya ‘16 is now our Operations Director! In this role, Luis will oversee SSDP-wide systems and work with the team to optimize SSDP’s operational strategy. Other responsibilities include:

  • Working in tandem with the Executive Director and Board of Directors to develop a strategic plan for SSDP’s goals
  • Collaborating on and manage quantitative and qualitative metrics, guidelines, and standards by which SSDP’s mission integrity and efficacy can be evaluated
  • Working closely with Directors and Managers to support team cohesion and effectiveness toward SSDP’s goals
  • Collaborating with senior leadership and HR to encourage an environment of collective responsibility, inclusion, and value-driven action
  • Working closely with the Executive Director and Development Director to manage operational budget

This year, he is excited for the first-ever SSDP-wide three-year plan to be launched this year and is excited to support the Board, the team, and our members to end the War on Drugs.