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During my first semester at UNCA I witness a large amount of substance use on campus. With lots of new students who finally could experience freedom from their parents there was the perfect melting pot for substance use. As time went by I saw my peers face ups and downs, some of which were exacerbated by their substance use. And that is when I thought It’d be great to bring an organization that respects a persons choice to use or not use substances by giving them the tools to use it safely without being stigmatized. At UNCA we have a passionate community of people who have been impacted by the war on drugs and are ready to stand against it. We hope to get involved in our community by educating our campus about the harms caused by the drug war and by community service in needle exchange programs and music festival harm reduction. Asheville is a hot spot for live music so we want to promote safety above all else. We don’t want to loose fellow students to the war on drugs, we don’t want to loose anyone.